Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The Rise of High Street Activewear

It's no longer big corporate sportswear companies and boutique performance brands that are fighting for market share in the female exercise apparel industry - high street and online fashion retailers are also taking the plunge and trying to grab a slice of the fitness trend pie that is now sweeping the nation. New Look, Missguided and Boohoo among others have all now added activewear lines to their product offerings, with many more to follow I'm sure! As a fitness blogger that loves her gym wear just as much as the exercise itself, I should have a browse through the virtual clothing rails and take a sneak-peak at what's around.

Missguided is the newest to the crew, with it's Missguided Active range having only launched on the 20th January, combining bright blue, pink and purple prints and motifs with burn-out greys and blacks to act as balance to the outfits. Crop tops, sports bras and leggings feature highly, with the odd hoody, vest and trackies thrown in for good measure.
My personal favourites from the range are these Navy Croc leggings which look stunning and are something a little different to what I've seen before! These two vests are also super cute - I'm a sucker for slogans and I love the back on the grey.

Another addition is boohoo, with their boohoo FIT range. Although a little more purse-friendly than Missguided's range with a sports bra setting you back just a tenner or less, I just can't seem to get that excited about the range as whilst I'm all for colour, theirs are just a little too garish for me personally, and are a little too "fashiony" to be truely practical exercise-wise! I mean, outside of power-lifting are jumpsuits REALLY necessary? And even if they are, the frills around the ankle just seem a little OTT for me!
That said, I do absolutely LOVE the Ava Print Plunge bra - even if I'm not entirely sure how practical it would be for even the mildest form of cardio. I could always use it for weights and yoga right???

New Look have also jumped on the activewear bandwagon with New Look Sport, opting to follow the likes of H&M, but aside from a sports bra that looks pretty cute, out of all of the fashion retailers I still believe that H&M do offer great value for money with their clothing at least having some sort of sports-specific fabric which is more than some of the other high street retailers have to offer, whether online OR offline.

Have you come across any other online retailers who have dipped their toes in the sportswear scene? What do you think of the latest ranges? 

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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

2015: Let's Do This!

A little late, I know - but for those of you with exams this January I'm sure you'll understand. ;)

2015 is going to be a huge year. Like, ginormous. This is the year that I will graduate from university, land my dream job (if my next assessment centres go well!), and continue last year's goals of getting myself into the best possible version of me. It's also meant to be my last year of competitive cheerleading - (although I'm pretty sure I said that last year) - so I'm making sure that I go out with a bang. Exciting news on that front will be coming soon!

I've been conscious for a long time that I have been super absent from The Barbelle, but now that I'm a lot more settled into university and have gotten back into a regular routine I really think that I am now in a position to give my little corner of the Internet the attention it deserves. I'm not one to go into something half hearted, so when I found myself lacking the time to dedicate to making this blog the best it could be, I decided that it would be better to take a step back for a while instead of producing mediocre content! Hope you guys understand. :)

Blog posts are filling my timeline of New Year's Resolutions, and I had been contemplating doing the same, but then I thought that actually, come the beginning of May I could be doing anything and be anywhere! So the goals that I make for the year now may not be relevant come the second half of the year - who knows?!

So once my exams and assessment centres are out of the way I will be making my goals for the rest of January, and maybe make bi-monthly ones after that so that I still have things to aim for, but ones that are a lot more relevant for where I will be at various points in the year. That said I'd love to hear if you are making Resolutions this year, and what they are! So leave me a comment either way. :)

General areas of goaly-ness are to:

  • Continue the gains and lose the fat!
  • Get my blogging mojo back and produce some amazing content for you guys. :)
  • Get my cheer on!
Have you set goals? Let me know below!

Thank you for hanging around for me - I love you all! <3

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