Friday, 5 September 2014

Personal | September Goals

So it's just occurred to me at midnight last night that I haven't written my September Goals blog post yet! Due to my whirlwind of an August, this will be a shorter post than usual as I didn't have time to set goals for last month and therefore having nothing to report back to you with... Oops!

September is looking to be a super busy month with the cheerleading season starting and training with my new team being ramped up as we up our conditioning and begin practicing the skills that we'll need to be able to perform a kick-ass routine this year. I'll also be going back to university as well as fitting in the gym, blogging, work and of course the #SB30DaySweat Challenge which you can read more about here! So naturally I want to mould this month's goals around making this month as successful as possible. :)

This time round I've decided to split my goals up into little sub-categories to make sure that I cover all bases, and also because I think it's a bit easier on the eye to read!

Health & Fitness

I guess the photos above say it all really! I desperately want/need to improve my flexibility. Not just for cheerleading (although it will help massively!), but also because you tend to lose a lot of flexibility when weight-lifting as new muscle isn't very stretchy (using all of the scientific wording there as you can see!). An added factor is that more mobile you are, the easier you will find performing certain moves, for example straight-leg deadlifts, squats and pretty much anything which even remotely uses a limb!
So I'm hoping that these photos will bare witness to the old, inflexible me by the end of the month, and I will be able to post some lovely new photos of my actually being able to do the splits by the end of September - or at least be a lot lower... ;)

Another goal is to complete Sweaty Betty's 30 Day Sweat Challenge and to be able to see some results from it. I've been really enjoying it so far as it's given me the opportunity to add extra things in to mix my routine up a little, and gives great exercises to do at home for the times when I can't make it to the gym. No excuses for not exercising this month! If you want to follow my progress don't forget to make sure you're following me on Instagram (@thebarbelle) and Twitter (@tweetrhii)!

Life & Blogging

Outside of health and fitness, my soul focus this month is to prepare and organise myself ready for heading back to university for final year and all of the time management that goes along with it. I've given myself a tough task with the amount I have taken on both academically and with extra-curricular stuff, but I know that all it takes is a little planning ahead and I should be there! Hopefully this month I will have the opportunity to perfect this technique and report back to you all with any tips which I have come across along the way. :)

What are your goals for September? Leave them below! :)

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