Tuesday, 9 September 2014

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Over the past few weeks I have been lucky enough to attend the launches of two fantastic sportswear e-commerce websites, and I was so blown away by the brands which both of them offer that I couldn't help but get a post written up for you guys ASAP so that I can spread the word to all fellow fit-fashion junkies!
With sports luxe taking the spotlight for the past couple of seasons, and lesser-known but absolutely outstanding brands coming to the forefront of the sportswear market - we gym bunnies now have the perfect couple of one-stops shops to get our fix of gorgeous gymwear.

The first of the invites to land in my inbox was that of online fashion magazine Fashercise who, after months and months of planning, had made the big step of relaunching their website to include an e-commerce add-on. As a big fan of Fashercise anyway, I was super happy for them and had an amazing time at Box Park in Shorditch where I bopped along with Natalie and Cantara to a fantastic DJ and munched on Wheyhey Ice-cream and Peach & Mango Vita Coco - YUM!

This invite was followed shortly after by Style PB - a brand-spanking new website who launched their new online store with a lovely afternoon yoga session, a sneak peak of their super stylish new site and sipping on Vitamin Water and some gorgeous cold-pressed juices from Press. Founder Natalie was super welcoming and took me through all of the various brands Style PB offered - all of which are amazing!
Style PB

Both sites are stocking fantastic brands with the likes of Lexie Sport, Charli Cohen, Lucas Hugh and Been by D'Heyere all displayed in their on-trend awesomeness, allowing us all to get hold of great performance wear that doesn't compromise on style - I can't wait to put in my orders!

Have you checked out Fashercise and Style PB yet? If you're as much of a fit-fashion freak as I am, I know they'll be right up your street!

Comment below with your favourite pieces! :)

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