Sunday, 31 August 2014

Are You Doing the Sweaty Betty 30 Day Sweat Challenge?

If you’re not then you should be!

Sweaty Betty have teamed up with fitness experts and influencers in creating a month-long campaign to help you all get fit for free – challenging women (and men!) around the world to give their health, fitness and general wellbeing a boost now that summer is drawing to a close.

We know that a lot you are super pressed for time, but Sweaty Betty have thought of it all by combining daily challenges with 30 minute body-sculpting workouts that they ask you to complete a few times per week. They’ve even put it all into a handy calendar for you to either print off or put as the background on your iPad or laptop making it super easy to stay on-track!

The workouts sound like they’re super fun (and challenging obviously!), and can either be done at one of the Sweaty Betty stores in a fun social setting with one of the Sweaty Betty Ambassadors, or you can stream/download the online video and get your sweat on in the comfort of your own home.
Guest nutritionists Calgary Avansino and Danielle Copperman will also be providing tips on fuelling your body when you’re training, as well as some gorgeous recipes being provided weekly by The Detox Kitchen – quite frankly I can’t wait for it all!
If you want to follow my journey on the 30 Day Sweat Challenge then make sure you’re following me on Twitter and Instagram, as I will be posting how I got along with the daily challenges/workouts on there. If you decide that you want to take part too (and I really hope you do because it will be heaps of fun!) make sure that you use the #SB30daysweat campaign hashtag so that I can like all of your photos and see how you’re getting along!

It looks like there’s going to be a fantastic community surrounding this campaign, and I’m really excited that Sweaty Betty have asked me to be a part of it – I hope you’re all excited as I am! J

If you want more information then click here to go through to the Get Fit 4 Free campaign page where you can download the calendar and uncover heaps more information and tips such as shopping lists, the in-store class timetables, workout videos and loads more!

Friday, 1 August 2014

Personal | The End of an Era

I can't believe that it's finally here - but today is my last day as a marketing intern at Intel! It's all come around so fast, but today I'll be packing up my desk and saying goodbye to my team and all of the amazing friends that I have made during my year in sunny Swindon.

The people who I have lived with this year are the loveliest people ever and it has genuinely been the best time of my life. When I first arrived in our Wootten Bassett holiday home (where we had to live for the first month until our houses for the year were ready), I had no idea I would be leaving with such amazing friends and I can honestly say that I will be staying in touch with as many as possible - it would break my heart if I never saw any of them again!

Now it's time to head back to Coventry and start to settle back into University life once more which I am looking forward to, but I would much rather be able to stay at Intel!... Who'd have thought that I would enjoy full-time work so much??!

So thank you for the amazing year ladies - I'll never forget you all, although I'm sure that this won't be the end! <3

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