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Personal | June Review & July Goals!

So I had planned to post this yesterday in my usual Tuesday slot, but after a crazy few days at Glastonbury Festival (in case you couldn't tell from Instagram) I was so tired today that I could barely concentrate on a computer screen at work, let alone come home and continue to sit on one! So the entirety of last night was spent chilling out with the girls and catching up on what had happened over the weekend instead, as today was our first evening all back together.
June went by just as quickly as all of the other months seem to have done so far in 2014, and I'm now in the final month of my internship which is super sad as I've absolutely loved it. In all of the hustle and bustle of the month, I have to admit that whilst I have kept to a few of my goals, there have also been a couple which fell by the way-side a little - but I've done the major ones and that's the main thing! If you need a recap of my June goals and the story behind each one then click here, but if not here is the low-down on how I did on each of them before spilling the beans on July's goals of choice!


Nail the Keto Diet

I researched into this way of eating for well over a month before deciding to give it a try, and I have to admit it is not for the faint-hearted!
So. Did I do it? In short, yes. Did I see improvements in body-shape and a drop in weight/body-fat? Yep. Am I going to continue to do it? Nope. And after beginning to write a summary of my experience and why I won't be doing keto any more I realized that I had made this post IMPOSSIBLY long! So I promise that I will explain all, just in a different blog post!

Consistent Blogging

Last month I promised myself that I would blog twice a week on Wednesdays and Fridays, and generally speaking I did! Although I switched to Tuesdays and Fridays to give me more time between posts to organise my thoughts... I still did it though right?! I'm proud of me no matter what you say haha. ;)
I still have a lot of posts backed up in draft mode, but as I mentioned in my June goals post I honestly did just want to make sure I can plan my posts properly first instead of getting too ahead of myself - something which I definitely feel that I've managed to do throughout June. For now I've decided that I am going to continue Tuesdays any Fridays (I know this is a Wednesday but cut me a little slack!) perhaps adding in Sunday blog posts if I can get everything organised in a couple of weeks - if that happens I shall of course let you all know!

#Junathon & #100happydays

Anndddddd now for the failure.... Well there was bound to be one, wasn't there! What an absolute flop of an attempt at these two Instagram series. Junathon was a non-starter as despite me having tried something along these lines,, my gym is far too busy for me to feel comfortable taking lots of workout selfies (no matter how discretely I tried, I definitely think that I was always caught), and the rest of the time I just get completely into 'the zone' and forget!
I did make a better attempt at #100happydays but again kept forgetting to post every day (is there really anything happy about a bog-standard day at work followed by sitting in front of the telly post-gym?). I am going to keep it up though and will probably do a blog post when I hit the quarter or halfway point as I do think that it is a lovely concept!


Three goals again! I've decided to shift my focus slightly to things which are going to benefit me in the run-up to heading back to university, in the hope that I can slot back in without too many issues after a year out working.
  • To not spend money on 'stuff'.
    And buy stuff I mean, things that I don't need! If I'm going out fro a drink with friends, or it's someone's birthday then that's fine as long as I'm sensible and don't go buying bottles of Moet for everyone. I'm planning to use August as a balancing month where I counteract all of the spending that I did during my internship ready for uni so hopefully this will be a good test run for me!
  • To begin to improve my functional strength and flexibility.
    I'll FINALLY be able to pick-up competitive cheerleading again in a couple of months which I feel like I've been away from for far too long! Whilst I've been working on my strength, I've been super lazy on my flexibility and have lost a lot of it as a result. I also want to try to optimse my weight training to involve a lot more functional movements such as clean and jerks, and overhead presses to build on some of the muscle movements I use when I cheer, and get in some more HIIT to replicate the energy and strength I'll need during a routine - so maybe a little Tabata? I'll let you know how I get on!
  • To keep a food diary.
    After coming off of keto I still haven't been feelnig 100% and I am becoming more and more certain that there is something which I am eating which I may have a slight intolerance  to. So for a couple of weeks this month I'm hoping to keep a food diary of what I'm eating/dribking and also how i'm feeling with hope of figuring it out! I will also be working on improving my healthy eating habits and trialling new recipes but that is another story! :)

What are your goals for July? Let me know! :)

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