Tuesday, 8 July 2014

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For all people say that the internet can be a dark and scary place at times, the vast majority of the time I don't think I would have discovered half of the brands, hobbies and information that I know about today if it wasn't for the internet. Social media in particular has been HUGE in uncovering some absolute gems, and I couldn't resist sharing these two fantastic sportswear brands which I have completely fallen in love with since finding them on Instagram and Twitter!

Lexie Sport - www.lexiesport.co.uk/

Lexie Sport are as serious abut fashion as they are about creating performance sportswear, and it definitely shows with their Blonde Collection in particular being a beautiful one. The gorgeous print which features in some way on each of the items looks perfect - and their Lake leggings are the top of the crop for me! All of Lexie's products are made in Britain which is always a great thing to hear in my eyes and as well as all this and looking amazing, they're also fantastic technically speaking with 4-way stretch and UV protective fabric all coming as part of the package.
If next season's lines are anything to go by, I personally cannot wait for them as I'm sure the next batch will be just as awesome. Keep it up Lexie, you're doing aright by me!

Fabletics - www.fabletics.co.uk

Fabletics is a brand which literally launches today! (8th July!) I've been so excited for it - as it seems to be along similar lines to the styles of more premium brands such as Sweaty Betty and Lululemon, but for a much more friendly price which I am absolutely thrilled about. A full outfit for £44??? Yes please!
The brand has been co-created by Kate Hudson in collaboration with the fashion subscription service, JustFab - and is inspired by Kate's active lifestyle and personal wardrobe. The pieces are so easily layered, and if the shopping experience for the UK arm is anything like the US one, it makes it super simple to select a whole outfit and customize colours to suit your own individual style. Win!
So what am I loving? The biggies for me are the sports bra with the cool back (accurate naming I know! I don't have an actual name though so this will have to do), and the sports top and bra combo which looks equally as awesome. From what I understand they'll be available in a fair few colours so while I may not have my exact choice nailed, at least I have a pretty good idea of what I'm gunning for when I get onto the site!

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