Tuesday, 10 June 2014

What's in my Gym Bag?

I've seen many a 'What's in my Bag?' post on blogs over the few years that I've been reading them, but since the content of my handbag is many old receipts and long-forgotten lipglosses I thought that a what's in my Gym Bag post would be a nice spin on it!
Starting off with the bag itself - a not-so sparkly-new holdall from Victoria's Secret's PINK range. I can't remember how much I actually paid for it, but i expect it was a little above what should normally be paid for something you carry smelly gym clothes around in! But no regrets here - I bought, I love it and it's still around a year or so later, even if it is with the addition of some grubby marks from where it has been tossed and dumped in all kinds of places.
Pink Animal Print Logo Top - Nike | Grey three-quarter length Leggings - Nike | Nike Free Run 2 | Victoria's Secret Such a Flirt Body Spray | Sure Crystal Invisible Compressed Deodorant | Lee Stafford Blow Dry Wonder Spray | Niva Pure & Natural Body Lotion | Virgin Active Gym Towel* | iPhone Earphones

Naturally bits and pieces are added or taken away from my gymbag's contents dependant on whether I have work afterwards, going for a swim etcetc. but this time round it was a standard post-work gym session where the only thing I planned on doing afterwards was going home and eating!
I guess the obvious contents is the gymwear itself, and I guess it's easy to see I do have a slight addiction to Nike! I'm not normally one to wear t-shirts to the gym in all honesty as I over-heat super quickly which can make the high-intensity workouts that I do the majority of the time absolutely unbearable. If I'm doing yoga or a standard pick-up-put-down weights session however, then I can normally get away with wearing one without feeling like I'm in the Sahara desert. Is anyone else the same?!
My trusty Nike Free Runs have been with me as long as I have been 'seriously' working out - and when I say 'seriously', I mean actually making a dedication to getting fit and healthy as opposed to doing some sit-ups and thinking I was the don. After a couple of years of solid, unrelenting wear though, they are sadly starting to lose their support around the ankles so I am beginning to wonder if it isn't time to trade them in for something fancy and new!
Other products worth mentioning is the Victoria's Secret body spray (or 'fragrance mist' as they call it) - a gorgeously fruity combination of grapefruit and white orchid that really seems to lift my mood and relax me before heading into the gym, and Lee Stafford's Blow Dry Wonder Spray which while not perfect by any means, is a bit of a saviour when I'm running late and need to get my mane dry ASAP. Not forgetting of course my Virgin Active gym towel which comes complete with a handy zip-up pocket which is a savious for the girl who has a tendancy to leave her locker key, headphones or anything else which may not be attached to me lying around the gym!

So there you have it. The contents of my gym bag. I can't say it's actually anything drastically different to the norm to be honest, but if you are thinking of starting up at the gym and wanted some ideas of things which may be useful to take along, then here are some things that you should probably pack for your first time at the gym! ;)

What's in YOUR gym bag? Comment below! :)

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