Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Personal | June Goals

I cannot believe we are already half-way through the month and I feel as though I have accomplished nothing, even though I know that is probably not the case! I do feel like I should probably keep a better trakc of what I am doing to see if I actually ever achieve any of the goals which I laid out back in January (see this post).
So here are the things which I want to accomplish for June - are they the same as any of yours?

Consistant Blogging

Whilst I am still well and truely back into the blogging mindset, I'm still struggling to post on set days so that you guys know when to expect posts from me! This is something which I am hoping to rectify this month with me deciding to post on Wednesday's and Friday's as a bare minimum. This will probably go up to three or four posts per week when I get back to university, but for now I don't want to promise too much and want to get into a proper routine slowly to get my consistency and quality nailed down.
And if you were on the ball today you may have noticed that that the image of my blog is not the same layout as I am currently using! I am in the process of moving my entire blog over to Wordpress and have decided to take the opportunity to give my blog design a bit of a revamp in the process. The blog URL etc will stay the same, but make sure that you keep a look-out to see when I make the switch!

#Junathon & #100HappyDays

I am also taking part in a couple of Instagram challenges so make sure that you're following my journey for #100happydays and #Junathon! I'm sure you've seen these popping up in your feeds so far, but in case you haven't #100happydays is a daily photo challenge where you upload something which has made you happy every day for 100 days. It's so easy for us to focus on the negative things that happen instead of the positives so it will be lovely to be able to make a concious effort to remember the little things that brighten up my day-to-day life.
#Juneathon is similar in that it is a daily photo challenge, and asks you to upload the exercise/activity that you did for that day and share it on social media using the hashtag. I want to get into the habit of taking photos of my exercise routines etc. so that I can use them on my blog as I tend to get so involved in what I'm doing I forget! Hopefully this will act as a good reminder for me. :)

Nail the Keto 'Diet'

The last of my goals for this month, is to really give the Keto 'diet' a go. I first tried this for a couple weeks before holiday in a bid to shred a little more fat before I hit the beach, and I the results I got were fantastic having lost 5lbs and 3% body fat in the first week. Whilst I don't ever intend for this to be a permanent lifestyle change (I am relucant to use the word diet!), I would like to see how it goes over the next month or so and potentially use it as a cutting method in preparation for the summer months before switching to 'normal' healthy eating during winter.
I have also been thinking about doing a write-up talking more about what Keto is, how it works,typical meals etc. if you would be interested in something like that?

I'd love to hear what your goals for this month are, so leave them in the comment box below! :)

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