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FitTech | Health & Fitness Apps I Couldn't Live Without

I can't lie, being the stereotypical youth that I am, I use my phone for everything. Listening to music, buying clothes, reading the news - so it's no wonder that I also use my phone when tracking my workouts. Now there are other apps which I use - Jefit (a weightlifting tracker app which is good but annoyingly unintuitive to set up), my FitBit app, and a plethora of others which I dip in and out of. The three below however, are ones which will always have a space in the centre of my home screen.

Nike+ Running

I am a sucker for user experience, and the Nike+ Running app has it all for m.
Before setting out the Nike+ Running app allows me to select whether I am indoors and outdoors, and I can select what type of run I am going on whether standard, distance, time or speed.
As well as being able to select playlists or general music from your phone, I can also choose PowerSongs on the app meaning that if I'm ever starting to lag and need a motivational pick-me-up song I can switch to it with a couple of taps.
It has so many features that when I first typed this up, this section took up the majority of the post!
To try and shorten it, I will just say that is has hundreds of useful features that are too many to count, with my personal favourites being the social media features which are both motivating and great for sharing my progress with others.
For the competitive streak in me, I can set challenges with friends, keep track of how many miles I have clocked compared to my friends, and it even encourages me to compete against myself by telling me how my last run compared to the average of my last 7 runs. The 'Coach' feature is also something that I keep meaning to try but have never gotten round to it - mainly because I am yet to (successfully) enter a race.
Post-run I get a breakdown of my run through my headphones as well as any goals which I have accomplished showing on my screen. It automatically notes down the weather, and allows me to select the trainer that I used, how I felt and what surface I ran on. Oh and did I mention the post-run messages from the likes of Ellie Goulding, Mo Farah and Paula Radcliffe? They always bring a smile to my face when I'm cooling down!

Nike Training Club

This is an app which I have only begun using recently, and it's honestly given my workouts a new lease of life! My typical workouts tend to consist of running in the mornings, followed by weightlifting in the evening, but for the past couple of weeks I have been using the Nike Training Club app to change it up a little and add something extra to my routines. Typically I've been using them on Sundays when I don't have anything in particular planned, and I would like to confess now that some of them are pretty hardcore! I've been enjoying a lot of them and there is a lot of variety from HIIT all the way down to Yoga, but my favourite by far HAS to be their Total Body Sculpting routine. All that is required is 45 mins, some dumbells and a medicne ball, and I can honestly say that I have never sweated so much in my life! There is no rest in between movements (although I may have had to pause it a couple of times to grab water...) and there is no option to skip movements either which forces you to stick it out the whole way through, whether you want to or not.
There's also an option to begin a Program using the app, and you can even ask it to add runs into your workout using Nike+ Running, which is a feature of it I haven't yet used but am seriously tempted to in place of my current gym routine if the Total Body Sculpting routine is anything to go by!


I'm pretty sure that every man and his dog is using MFP, or has at least heard of it so I won't say much. This is however literally the most invaluable tool for me as I use it to keep track of my calories, my macronutrients, my weight and also my body measurements.
I don't tend to track my workouts on it although I do know that it is a feature. That said, when I'm using my FitBit, I do love that the two apps sync and will add a couple hundred extra calories if I've had a particularly active day - who doesn't love being allowed more food?!
The database on My Fitness Pall is HUGE, and it's super easy to track what you've eaten by a quick search or a scan of a barcode. There is also the option to add homemade meals which makes homecooking really easy to track, and is something I use a lot of the the recipes I keep gonig back to!

Do you use any of these apps? Which health and fitness apps could you not live without?? 

 The Barbelle

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