Tuesday, 20 May 2014

A Runner's Must-Have Summer Product

 As my first post back from basking in the Egyptian sun for 10 days, I wanted to share a brilliant product with you all which has become an essential for whenever I venture outside for my runs, or to do anything for that matter!
With summer just around the corner and the sun staying out of the clouds that little bit more, my attention has turned a lot more towards how to protect my skin when I exercise. I've been finding myself outside a lot more going on runs, doing yoga or even bodyweight workouts, and it's something that I definitely prefer over the stuffy gym! However with all this pavement pounding under the warmth of the sun, I've needed to find a product which will protect my skin from too much sun exposure. Luckily for me I stumbled across Soap & Glory's Make Yourself Youthful Sunshield Superfluid SPF 50+ before I ended up red-faced from sun burn!

I tend to apply it while I'm getting ready to give it time to sink in - after moisturising but before applying anything else. It absorbs into the skin super quick meaning there's no waiting around and it doesn't leave a weird oily sheen like some can either which is perfect in my eyes. The only shime I've ever had while wearing it is that of a hot, sweaty nature - which of course is no fault of the product. I've always found that when I have worn it day-to-day under makeup, I haven't suffered from any shine either which is lovely.

When I do wear it with makeup I've also teamed it with their Make Yourself Youthful CC Cream which I treated myself to as part of an offer which was on at Boots, and is another product I really rate at the mibute although I'll perhaps save that one for another time. :)

Both of these products are currently on offer in Boots by the way so if you're interested snap them up quick!

Have you been using sun protection when you're exercising outdoors? What's your favourite outside workout? Let me know!

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