Monday, 31 March 2014

This Week I... #5

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This week I've been focusing a lot on my personal style, thinking about what clothes I wear, and whether my wardrobe and personal style is really where I want it to be at this moment in time. I've never had a massive focus on clothing and fashion in my life, despite loving reading blog after blog of outfit posts and what's currently in fashion. I guess it's because I've never really known where to start, and have opted to buy clothes I like on other people, or items that are on sale on whims instead of really sitting down and thinking about what suits both my body shape and my lifestyle. As much as I wish it were true, I do not lead a life where I can totter about metropolitan cities in heels and beautifully effortless outfits, brunching with friends and not having to worry about exercise or fitness as I have a metabolism the speed of light.

Instead, the lifestyle which I lead (which I absolutely adore I would like to add!) is one of working a 9-5 job, exercising every day, and socialising with my boyfriend, my friends and my family at the weekends. Whether that may be heading into Coventry town centre or into Central London, or maybe being curled up in bed, making the most of not having to do anything that weekend.

What I've noticed recently however, is that whenever I look in my wardrobe I always feel really uninspired and bleh about the clothes that I have, and whilst I have my favourite outfits I still don't think that really know how to dress in a way that shows my personality and who I am. I needed to sit down and figure out the style of clothes which I really love, and also have a good think about the things I do day to day, to ensure that when I am buying clothes in the future, they will be ones that are both practical and pretty, and that I will get maximum use out of instead of sitting in my wardrobe waiting for the right occasion that never actually comes.

Helping my do all of this is INTO MIND - a blogger soully focused on helping her readers develop and perfect their own personal style in a minimalistic and unwasteful way, whilst capturing everything which they love about fashion and fitting it in with the lifestyle they have.
I think I must have read Anuschuka's blog back-to-back 20 times already since I discovered it, and I am yet to find a post which hasn't been insightful and beautifully well-written. Whether you want to give your wardrobe a mini update, or are like me where you are still wandering around stores picking up things without any real knowledge of what suits you in your entirety - I 100% think that everyone will be able to take something away from this piece of the internet.

Not sure whether it's worth a read, or is relevant to you? Check out this post and I'm sure you'll be instantly intrigued! :)

It's not every often I find a blog which resounds with me as much as this one has, so I couldn't help but dedicate a post to it! I've already started following her advice. I have revitalised my Pinterest account to enable me to capture images and outfits which I love, hopefully giving me a starting point to uncovering what really works for me, and I have also started to work through my closet space sorting the things which I love and wear, from things which whilst I may adore, I just don't get the use out of any more...

I'm planning on doing little updates every couple of weeks or so, so keep a look out if you're interested! I also have things up for sale on eBay - more things will be added soon!

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