Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Spring Clean Your Diet!

So we're finally into the first few days of Spring! Last weekend in particular showed both sides of how Spring tends to be with glorious sunshine for the whole of Saturday and then horrendous downpours of rain all of Sunday. All I can say is that I'm routing for the sun!

I'm not sure about other parts of the world, but here in the UK we Brits tend to spend Spring getting bits and pieces in order, and I've decided to make it my mission this March to do the same. Hopefully by the end of the month I will have had a sort through all of my stuff and will have either sold or given away things which maybe haven't got as much love as they deserve!
Another mission I have this month is to also give my diet a Spring Clean. I've been pretty good over the past couple of months and have started to see results which I'm super happy about - but as with anything there's always room for improvement. ;) Winter is always the easiest time of the year to fall into poor eating habits as all I tend to want to eat is easy-to-cook comfort food, so my biggest goal this Spring is to try my up-most to stick to non-processed, wholesome foods!

So how am I planning to go about my self-imposed diet refresh?

  • Eat at least 3 different vegetables per meal
    With all of the lovely vegetables which are coming into season in Spring such as asparagus, spring onions (scallions) and cauliflower I want to make sure that I am taking full advantage of all of the vitamins and other nutrients that they contain. I always end up sticking to the same vegetables (red onion and tomato!) all of the time so I want to try and have as many different colours as I can on my plate!
  • Manage my meat intake
    Much like my rut of eating lots of red onion and tomato in my meals, another rut which I seem to have got myself stuck in is what meats I eat. The vast majority of the time I eat chicken or turkey - sometimes with a portion of beef thrown in there, and I honestly think that I'm starting to notice it in my diet. Since upping my cardio I've been a lot more tired lately and also a lot more achy in the joints, which I have read can be signs of iron and omega oil deficiencies so I'm going to make a lot more effort to eat a wider variety of meats. It's recommended that an adult eats two servings of fish per week, so surely I can manage that, even if it is tinned tuna!
  • Cut out Caffeine
    Since starting my placement I've fallen into the stereotypical office coffee drinker. I think I've drank more coffee in the last 3 months than I did in the whole of my second year of university! So for March it is going to stop - and hopefully long after that as well! I already have my box of green tea at my desk, so next time a caffeine craving hits, I'll be reaching for the Twinings instead of the Nescafe. If I really need an extra dose then I'll treat myself to a bog-standard cup of tea.
  • Ditch processed grains
    Okay so I'm not a big eater any more when it comes to bread, pasta etc. anyway but they have slowly started to creep back into my diet over the past few weeks. Obviously I don't want to cut out grains altogether - they're an important source of energy after all! But I have made the decision to stay away from heavily processed grain products such as bread and pasta, and only eat more 'whole' produce such as quinoa, pulses and cous cous, and even then I want them to only be a side instead of being made the main part of a meal.
Hopefully giving myself a couple of rules/reminders around what I'm eating will help me feel more refreshed than I have been feeling lately, and allow me to keep pushing myself further when I workout. It's a month today until my birthday and just under two months until I go on holiday so I need to keep my focus!! :)

If you've got any tips for spring cleaning your diet, or any other aspects of your life then leave them in the comments section below! :)

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