Tuesday, 18 March 2014

A New Obsession | Kate Spade

I have a new obsession. Outside of the health and fitness world, it's not very often that I find something new that I am well and truly excited about. A new type of workout or recipe and I'm all over it, but it's much less frequent that I find things outside of this that really grab my attention for any length of time...

Kate Spade with all it's storytale-esque quotes and gorgeous designs has broken that trend.

It all stemmed from a trip to the Bicester Outlet Village last weekend (a very dangerous place for anyone who likes pretty things at cheaper prices I would like to add!). The boyf and I mooched in and out of various designer stores that neither of us could justify affording anything in, but enjoyed the sun and the change of scenery nonetheless. I had of course heard of Kate Spade before but hadn't really thought anything of the brand in all honesty, never really paying much attention when their phone cases popped up on my Facebook or Twitter feeds.
But dear Lord when I walked into that store I wanted everything!! It didn't help the fact I was in a spending mood after my car decided to break on me and I had decided in my mind that I needed something to cheer me up. I stepped through the door and was hit by the most gorgeous fragrance that reminded me a little of the smell that lingers in lingerie shops like Victoria's Secret and Boux Avenue - but even better - and the shelves on my right had an assortment of the most beautiful bags in the most perfect shapes, sizes and colours. It was love at first sight.

Upon looking around the store more I saw even more beautiful accessories, all of which I decided at that moment that I needed in my life - from bracelets to purses to bags to perfume. I MUST have them all!
Unfortunately my bank balance did not agree with me on this one, no matter how much I wanted it to, but that didn't stop me from walking out empty handed. Nope, over 20 minutes later after oo-ing, ahhing and umm-ing, I walked out of the store almost £200 poorer and a great big Kate Spade branded carrier bag resting proudly on my shoulder. I had 'accidentally' bought a new handbag. But despite me now living on frozen veg and other rather unexciting meal choices until next payday I don't actually regret it one bit, something extremely surprising for someone who would never usually even spend £30 on a bag without some serious contemplating about whether it was 'sensible' for me to buy it, or whether I 'really needed it'.
I went into a standard Kate Spade store the day after when I was in London for the Simply Health #backcareevent to see if I really did like the products as much as I did in the factory outlet, and yep that love for the brand and all of it's creations were still there. The colours, designs, the little quirky quotes and other brand characteristics all suit me down to a T, and I can genuinely see it being a brand that will always feature on wish lists for years to come. Naturally I've created a little mini-wish list of bits and pieces that I'm lusting after already, just in case... ;)
Yes I know there's a theme, but it all looks so cute and girly! There are also some absolutely divine handbags, but seeing as I already have enough for now, it's the accessories' turn to shine.

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