Thursday, 27 February 2014

What's On My Desk | Office Essentials

I simply cannot believe that I am half way through my internship already. This time last year I had only just been offered it, so to think that my time at Intel is already in it's final 5 months is scary! I've learnt a lot during my time as an intern that will help me so so much when it comes to starting a full-time job - if anyone is in two minds about doing one then I would 100% say for you to go for it because it's an amazing experience. :)

As something a different and a little light-hearted, I thought that I would give you all a tiny insight into my desk! I can't say that it's anything too awe-inspiring as I haven't wanted to spend too much time decorating with me only being at Intel for a year, but I have accumulated a few bits and pieces to make it a little more me!
First things first is all of the bits and pieces of stationary which I have picked up along the way. Considering that I'm usually a sucker for anything cute stationary-wise, I was relatively slow in accumulating any bits and pieces - mainly because pretty much everything that I do is computer-based. That said thanks to Viking* I have now got lots of pretty sticky notes to keep all my tasks and deadlines organised, as well as plenty of other bits and pieces  to either help me plan my time more efficiently or keep me occupied when catching up on emails or sitting on hold (read, my ever-expanding elastic band ball). ;)

And what girls desk wouldn't be complete with some tissues in cute packaging and a bottle of the day's nail varnish and lipstick? On my desk at the minute is the much-loved Essie Fiji (a regular one my nails at the minute) and my latest Chanel acquisition, Rouge Coco Shine in 68 Candeur - a lovely light, glossy nude. A moisturiser is also a vital desk essential for me, as a combination of office air conditioning and soap often makes my hands super dry and tight - not very nice when you've got lots of typing to be getting on with!

Obviously there are other items which have made it way onto my desk, such as a super cute week planner pad similar to this one, random Intel-branded goodies which I have accrued from events etc (did you spot the Intel bunny-man in the photo?) :P and a few photos of family, friends and some of the events which I have attended through work.

No doubt I'll have a heap more than that by the time I finish my placement, but for now that's about all that's interesting in my little piece of the office! How have you all customised your desks? I'd love to hear how you've made your office-space a little less bland, whether it's photos or fairy lights! :)

N.B Chocolates and other sweet treats are also a great desk adornment if you want to treat your fellow colleagues - something which the lovely folk at Viking* have also taught me after sending some over in my stationary package! ;)

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