Monday, 10 February 2014

This Week I #3 | And... Relax

It's been a hectic couple of weeks with my Munich trip with work last week, and the subsequent meetings and general catching up that follows such trips. The weekend after Munich as well as this one I have done all in my power to relax, rejuvenate and generally do as little as possible - and I think I'm finally starting to master the art of giving myself a bit of TLC! So what is the process one would follow when after a bit of a pamper on a Sunday eve? Read on to find out...

It all begins post-unpacking from a weekend of catching up with family and pottering around Tesco - there's no way I can unwind knowing that I have a suitcase full of laundry to do! Once that's out of the way it's catch-up time with the housemates before wandering off upstairs for a bath. Tonight's product of choice? The Lush Comforter Bubble Bar - purchased before Xmas, I only ever need to use the tiniest amount to create a bubbly, beautifully-scented heaven for myself meaning that it's lasted me for ages! And I mustn't forget to mention the Catastrophic Cosmetic face mask also from Lush which always manages to leave my skin super soft and glowing.
The power of a bath's calming nature will never be over-estimated by me. I love wrapping myself up in it's warmth and will lie there for ages watching back-episodes of Gossip Girl and preparing myself for the week ahead. Ahhhh lovely.

Once I've had enough or the water has gone cold - whichever comes first - I continue the snuggly theme by wrapping up in my cosy bathrobe and slippers and proceeding to finish off my face with a slathering of Origins Drink Up Intensive Moisturiser and lacquering up my nails with the nail varnish I have chosen for the week, which was a slightly more neutral option of Essie's Fiji, a beautiful pink-white.

And what tops off the night better than curling up in bed all preened and at peace than writing a blog post about your whole experience? Not much, let me tell you! At 23:55 this post is going out a lot later than I imagined, and with my intentions of running tomorrow morning fading with every minute I stay awake I guess I had better bid thee farewell!

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend and I hope this coming week brings you everything that you want it to! What is your favourite way to unwind? :) 

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