Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Giveaway | Celebrating a Zumba Double-Launch!

In February Zumba fitness is launching a brand new class, Zumba Step. This class uses the traditional gym step to increase the benefits of every Zumba move executed. Accompanied by Zumba's famous infectious beats you perform adapted Zumba routines using a step to increase the difficulty of your workout and see better results particularly in your lower body. 

Zumba is also launching it's first ever advanced footwear collection. This collection consists of three styles; Zumba Flex, Zumba Impact and Zumba Energy Push. Each style is crafted using innovative Z-Slide™ technology designed to enhance and simplify popular Zumba moves providing the perfect shoe for every Zumba enthusiast. 
  • Zumba Impact is designed to reduce the force of impact and then return to its original form for the next impact
  • Zumba Flex is designed to provide maximum arch support allowing wearers greater flexibility when performing popular Zumba moves
  • Zumba Energy Push offers a lightweight cushioning system that minimizes energy expended during performance to reduce fatigue
To celebrate these launches I am offering one lucky reader the chance to win a Zumba bundle complete with apparel and Zumba accessories. To win…

For more information on Zumba step, to find your nearest Zumba class and to buy any of the apparel and accessories featured 

The giveaway ends on the 28th February so get entering & good luck!! :D

*This giveaway is posted on behalf of Zumba Fitness and the prizes will be sent to the winner by Beige PR.

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