Friday, 7 February 2014

Can't Stop Running To: 'Alive' by Chase & Status

Without music, I cannot run. Some may like to be able to hear nature around them, but after being brought up in city the chances of me hearing anything other than cars driving by is pretty slim. I also use music as my motivation, and in many ways music that keeps me going through the boredom (yep I still dislike running!) and the tiredness when it approaches. And right now, there aren't many tunes on my running playlist at the moment that can get me fired up quite like Chase & Status' track, Alive.

I need to be able to get lost in a track, so that I forget about running and all the thoughts that go with it whether its how far have I ran, or if I'm running fast enough to get a good time. Chase & Status has definitely allowed me to do that. I run faster for longer with this song, and always feel incredibly exhilerated when it's playing - something which very few other tracks have been able to do
Whilst it starts slow the build up is amazing for getting you excited for the chorus, and even though the speed of the music changes the underlying beat is perfectly constant and a perfect rhythm for my pace. As soon as it hits the chorus I feel as energetic as it is physically possible for me to feel, and I always find myself getting lost in the words which fit with running so perfectly!
Of course there are others which I always love to run to, and as I slowly build up my playlist of songs I'm sure I'll find many more which motivate me just as much as this one - but for now this track has cemented itself as my 'Boost' song on the Nike Run app and I think it's upliftingness will be here to stay for a long time!

Comment below with your favourite running tracks! :)

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