Tuesday, 21 January 2014

This Week I... #2

Yep it's a little late but I've only just managed to get the photos from my phone! This week I got my laptop back! It's been a tough slog without it. Despite having Ryan's laptop, it's been super hard to blog as the mouse pad is faulty meaning it wouldn't let me 'select'  or drag things to make them bigger or smaller! Needless to say the backlog of post ideas has been growing exponentially as the days have passed and I can't wait to starting writing them all up. :)

I also reached my first check-point for my New's Resolution of being under 14% body fat early, having hit 20% when I weighed myself on Friday. I hadn't planned that I would reach it until the beginning of February, so the fact that I managed to reach it a couple of weeks early has me stoked! Victoria Secret model in no time eh? ;) (I jest, I want to have more of a muscular physique than most the V.S Angels seem to have!).

Now that I have settled into running a little more, I have started to add weight-training back into my gym routine. I have had the bad habit in the past of trying to add new things into my life all at once, only for myself to get all stressed and not actually end up doing any of them. Next on this list will be slowly introducing Yoga into my week whether it be once or three times a week I'm not too sure yet!

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