Monday, 25 November 2013

This Week I...

Thought I would try to find a really simple, new way of letting you guys all know what I get up to, and to help me get back into swing of things a little more again. So introducing my first feature on my return: 'This Week I...' where I'll be able to give you the highlights of my week and make myself seem a lot more interesting than I probably am!

1. Became a Bridesmaid

Okay so technically it was the Sunday before last week,  but who's counting? And besides, I was waiting for the photos to appear on Facebook so that I could shamelessly steal theme all! Last Sunday I was given the honour of becoming one of 6 bridesmaids for my best friend Robyn's wedding which will be in November 2015. I can honestly say that I didn't see it coming as both her and her fiancĂ© Matty both have pretty large families - but the fact that Robyn still chose me makes me feel even more privileged to be considered important enough to be a part of something so special. (I'm the bridesmaid on the far left by the way!).

2. Went to my first ever press event

This is another thing which I feel incredibly lucky to have been given the opportunity to attend. When an email appeared in my inbox from Beige PR about the latest fitness trends, it didn't take much persuading for me to hop on a train to London-town. I had the opportunity to try some of the new fitness classes which will undoubtedly take over the UK next year at the luxurious (and I mean luxurious!!) Virgin Active Classic Club in Mayfair, and I was not going to miss out! Now that I've had some of the photos through from Beige PR who organised the event, I can finish off my post so it will hopefully be up in the next couple of days - keep a look out! :)

3. London for Kate's 21st

To top off a super busy week, the girls who I live with and I ran away to London for a girly weekend of chilling, dancing and mooching around Winter Wonderland. We stayed in the cutest apartment in Chelsea which we got for an absolute steal, and wined and dined at The Diner before heading to The Hoxton Pony in Shoreditch for drinks. It was such a lovely weekend and it's made us even closer as friends which I didn't even realise was possible as we're such good friends already! The only bad thing was coming back to Swindon on Sunday knowing that we had work the next day, but I guess that's working life for you. ;)

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