Friday, 20 September 2013

A (Re)Introduction

Before I get back into blogging again I really wanted to let you guys know that I hadn't just abandoned the blogging world without so much as a goodbye - you've all given me so much support over the past year or so and I've met so many lovely people through The Barbelle - I'm so so grateful for that!
I had thought about starting to blog again earlier, but I wanted to make sure that I knew exactly how much time I will be realistically be able to dedicate to you guys so that I'm not writing half-arsed or rushed posts - you guys all deserve more than that and I've never been one to do things half-heartedly! I've now come up with a new blogging schedule, and have given The Barbelle a bit of a re-vamp (new blog URL and all!) so I can really signify a new beginning, and have lots of plans for the future of this blog.

These past couple of months have been tough. Not necessarily tough in the sense that I've been having the worst time in the world or anything negative like that - when I say tough, what I mean that it's been such a big lifestyle change for me, it's taking me a long, long time to adapt!

I always kept myself super busy at University, but still found time to blog and chill out. Now going into a 9-5 job I've been finding it really hard to balance work, exercising, eating healthily, blogging and spending time with friends and the boyfriend. I can honestly say that it has been such an eye-opener to how hard some of you people must work - I don't understand how some of you bloggers with full-time jobs do it! I have so much respect for you all!
It's taken a lot of getting used to this new lifestyle, but I've come to realise that as always it just comes down to being organised and thinking ahead - something which I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be a pro at by the end of this year!

I hope that you'll all join me on my new blogging beginning, and that I'll be talking to you all soon, whether it's on Twitter, Facebook, or commenting on here! :)

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