Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Feel Good Tuesday

The past couple of weeks have been horrendously stressful for me and to be honest its made me feel pretty down in the dumps with me not sleeping properly and constantly feeling on edge. Sometimes events and occurrences can get in the way of being able to enjoy life and instead makes you feel mega crappy. When these negative feelings strike it's so important to take a step back and really think of the good things which are going on it your life however small they may be! It actually took me quite a while to think of these, such was the dreary mood I was in, but I'm so glad that I did because sitting here writing it really helped cheer me up and put things in perspective!

Despite it being quite stressful with finding housing for the year as well as wrapping up my old student digs I actually have such an amazing opportunity ahead of me with my year internship at Intel and I have to remember that it'll all be worth it in the end! I'm so excited to have the chance to work for such a big company and I can't wait to get moved into my new house and start my new job - it's a whole new chapter of my life! And although there's a lot to sort out before I can leave Coventry behind in search of new, exciting adventures it is definitely something to feel good about!

Considering that in January my body-fat percentage was 25.4%, I'm so happy that its dropped down so much over the past six months since changing up my gym routine a couple of times. I may not have rock-hard abs yet but I'm over the moon to be getting closer to it by lowering my BFP. I'm also still holding my goal weight of 125lbs which I'm super happy about, although with me doing weight training my own body weight has never been something which I've obsessed over that much!
It may seem like a random picture to have, but this is my gorgeous cat, Dolly, who I had to leave behind when I moved into my student house! Now that I'm back home - albeit for a short period - I've been catching up on all of the fussing and cuddling and snuggling that I've been lacking over the past year. Whether she's missed me as much as I have I guess I'll never know. ;)
I am genuinely so happy to be back in the family home though. It's nice to not have to do everything for myself (as lazy as that sounds!) and have some of the funny banter with mum, dad and my little sis again. Even when I was younger I was never one to get homesick and I still don't, but living out this year has made me appreciate being at home more!

And there we have it - 3 things that I feel good about. It's surprising how much this has put me in a better mood and whilst I'll still have worries and frustrations in the back of my mind, it's nice to have some happier thoughts at the forefront of my thoughts for once!

What things do you have that are making you feel good this week? No matter how big or small let me know! :)

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