Monday, 24 June 2013

Beauty | My Skincare Wishlist

Not going to lie, my skincare routine is rubbish and currently consists of washing my face when I get a shower and taking off makeup using makeup wipes. I occasionally apply moisturiser (more-so now that I use tinted moisturiser) and if I'm feeling particularly indulgent I'll slather on a face mask - although this normally only happens once in a blue moon! That's not to say I don't read skincare blogs - I'm well versed in quite a few of the rules such as NOT using makeup wipes and that you should always double-cleanse but thanks to a combination of having pretty food skin naturally and being pretty lazy as a result of this, I just find the whole routine thing a little overwhelming!
Thankfully though skincare guru Caroline Hirons has cleared it all up for me (literally!) with one of her recent cheat sheet posts on, you guess it, skincare routines! It really has helped me so much and I'm already beginning to build my skincare collection once more with all manner of skincare products which have previously either lay abandoned on my shelf (of which there are quite a lot!) or that I've never owned in the first place. What else is left for me to get? Here's my dream shopping list.

All of these products have been pretty hyped up lately in the blogging world, so I guess I'm well and truly jumping on the bandwagon once again. I'm not too fussed about becoming another addition to the expanding flock of sheep though because in my eyes if a product has been hyped that much - especially by gurus like Caroline - then who am I to completely disregard that?!
That said, the chances of my purchasing all of these products are slim-to-none thanks to the removal of a wad of cash from my bank account to pay for house deposits, rent, and other less luxurious expenses. So if you know of any more reasonably priced chemical exfoliators or SPF protection etc, then please let me know before I put my bank balance under any more stress!

So Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish in hand, I'm off to begin my first actual skincare routine, with hopefully some much healthier looking skin as a result! Do you abandon your skin at times or is your skincare routine set in stone?

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