Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Busy As Busy Can Be

I absolutely love this quote! I'm naturally a really busy person - I love to keep myself occupied with challenges and tasks I've set myself. I guess it's probably why I fell in love with fitness the way I have. - there's always another goal that you can set yourself, or an obstacle you can overcome. For me at the minute it's getting a respectable 5km running time!

I do feel as though it's been a lifetime since I last posted on here so I'm really sorry for abandoning you all! Things got pretty hectic as soon as the boyf got back from his deployment that I haven't really had the opportunity to sit down and actually write something. So I guess it's time for a little catch-up with you lovely lot - although it won't be for long as I'm jetting off to Tenerife with Ryan & some of his family for some much needed sun and relaxation before he goes back to work! Hopefully (time permitting!) I'm going to be scheduling a few posts to go live whilst I'm away so you can still get your Barbelle fix ;) Although I'm sure I'll bec back before you know it! :)

After the disaster that was my first attempt at hitting 50 miles-worth of running during April, I definitely seem a lot more on track this month having almost matched my mileage last month already! I'm still nowhere near running the distances that some other fitness bloggers run, but I'm noticing so much progress which is really spurring me on. :)

Ryan being back also means that I have someone else to test out all my food creations which I have been practicing whilst he's been away - and I can't wait to share them with you! My aim is to cook at least one new meal that I haven't made before every week so I think I'm going to try to revive my Diet-in-a-Day posts or perhaps something along the lines of Cantara's Weekly Eats posts.

Hope you're all having a fab week! I shall speak to you all again soon!! :) 

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