Wednesday, 1 May 2013

May Fitness Aims

Wow I can't believe that it's May already! April seemed to absolutely fly by in a tornado of birthdays, coursework hand-ins, and everything else in between - if this is how busy my life is going to be then bring it on because I'm really feeling up to the challenge at the minute.
May is also going to be a busy one for me, with my boyf coming back from his tour (literally the longest 4 months of my life!), holidays and starting to prepare for my placement year. I've also got heaps planned on the blog including a (very belated!) 100 follower giveaway! I'm just sorting out the rest of the prizes, and then it'll be up quick as a flash.

Exercise-wise I did pretty well throughout April, although I am a little disheartened that I didn't manage to run all of the 50 miles that I pledged myself in this post. I won't let it get me down though, it's just given me even more drive to get there this month!
Other fitness aims for the month is to complete Cassey Ho's Blogilates calendar for this month on top of my usual gym routine (it hasn't gone live yet, but hopefully it'll be a good'un!). I'm going on holiday on the 19th May so I really want to give it that last push to get on top of my fitness so that I look super awesome in my bikini!

Anyway! I'm off to enjoy a green smoothie (I'm thinking banana, blueberry and raspberry!) and maybe some fruit and greek yogurt before heading off to the gym before work! Hope you all have an amazing fitness-filled week with lots of yummy, clean food! :)

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