Thursday, 30 May 2013

Back from the Beach

After a week of sun, swimming, good food and relaxation I am finally back in the not-so-sunny United Kingdom. I'm really sorry for the lack of posts whilst I was away - my laptop decided to break just before I went on holiday so I wasn't able to schedule any! Thankfully it seems as though it's fixed now thanks to the boyf so hopefully I'll be back to blogging like normal!

I was super eager to get back to the gym and  also to get back to a cleaner diet as although I did watch what I ate and made use of the hotel's gym and spa facilities, it's never the same as being in more familiar surroundings! I've had so much time to think about my current gym routine and my lifestyle in general while I was away, and I've made the decision to shake it up quite a bit as my goals and reasons for exercising have changed a lot compared to this time last year. This means that I also have the opportunity to shake up my blogging schedule as well, so keep an eye out for a few little changes that will be appearing on the blog over the next month or so! :)

Anyway, I'd best get off to the gym/go for a run (I haven't decided which yet!) before it gets too late and I lose all motivation! Hope you all had a great bank holiday weekend, and have had a great week so far - not long until the weekend now! :)

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