Thursday, 25 April 2013

On Yer Bike.

Today I went to (and survived!) my first spinning class! I've been toying with the idea of getting involved in Spinning for SO. LONG but I've always chickened out after hearing the instructors shouting at the people in the classes whenever I walk past the room haha. I don't know why I've put up such a mental block with it, because when I actually got into the room and onto a bike I was absolutely fine!

If you hadn't heard of Spinning, it is a cardio-based class that uses Resistance Bikes (my gym uses ones made by LiveStrong) to get your heart rate up, and boy is it a killer! My class lasted half an hour although I know that some may last longer and would obviously burn a lot more calories - that said, half an hour was a good starting point for me! There are a few different positions on the bike which are combined together to create the workout, such as hill climbing ones which involve standing up, and sprinting ones which involve getting as low as you can with your head down, cycling for dear life! I had hoped to find an infographic or something which has an actual picture of each of the position instead of having me waffling on but alas - I'm sure one of the staff at Pure Gym will give me a hand create my own to show you another day! :)

If you were considering taking up a Spinning class or two, and wanted a couple of tips, then here are some that I've taken from my first ever class!:
    Literally I was so nervous about doing one that I didn't get the balls to for months and months and months, and I really needn't have because the instructor was lovely and whilst I may have died a little by the end, there is literally no need to worry whatsoever! And with regards to them shouting? They have to so they can be heard over the music! What didn't I think of that beforehand?!
  • Take water with you!
    Or at least some form of cold drink. The room is FULL of hot, sweaty people and so the room temperature can be pretty high, let alone your own body temperature. Try and get your drink as cold as possible beforehand (maybe freezing it the day before?) so that you can use the bottle to cool your face down as well as using it to re-hydrate I was literally boiling throughout the whole class and being able to hold something cool against my head was an absolute dream!
  • Don't wear shorts!
    I made this mistake today, and man did the insides of my legs chaff! I' definitely going to be wearing leggings or something imstead, and just put up with being a little hotter because the chaffing was ridiculous! (sorry for that but I just had to warn you haha)
  • Don't worry if you're struggling to keep up
    The people who took part in my class were of all different fitness levels, so if the instructor's told you to ramp up the resistance but you're really struggling to keep up, then don't be afraid to turn it down a fraction. That said, don't have the resistance really low just because you can't be bothered to work hard - you're only cheating yourself out of a good workout if you do!
  • Can't walk properly by the end of it? That's a good thing!
    My favourite part of any workout is the wobbly legs/arm feeling that I get afterwards (I don't know if that's weird or not!) because that to me means that I've worked my absolute hardest and that my muscles are well and truly tired. Luckily I didn't have to be anywhere in a rush afterwards so I just took my time getting changed and stuff afterwards before heading home. 
Do you do Spinning classes? Or are you super anxious like I was? If you have any tips that you think I should add on in another post then just let me know!! :)

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