Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Clear Skies, Clear Mind

In true Rhiannon style, the day where I set goals is also the day that I get started on achieving them. I'm never one to hang around in starting something new once I've got the idea in my head - although whether it's enthusiasm or impatience that fuels my eagerness for new things I don't think I'll ever know!
Not an hour after writing yesterday's April Aims blog post, I had already donned my running trainers and my Zaggora Hot Pants, and was outside in the most lovely weather I think we've had all year. It was the perfect conditions for me when running - beautifully sunny with clear skies and a cold breeze to stop me from getting too hot and bothered. It was probably the best run of my life - I could feel that it was probably one of my faster time and I also decided to step up the mileage a little, opting to try for 2 miles instead of my usual 1.5 mile route. Unfortunately I'll never really know thanks to my running app cocking up (#runnerproblems much?!) but I know it was under 20 minutes so at least I have something to go by, even if it's not a lot!

So that's 2 miles completed out of the 50 that I gave as my goal - I do have a little catching up to do as I started it a day late so I need to make sure I keep doing a minimum of 2 miles per day for a while to stop me from going off track.
2 miles might not sound like a lot for the those of you who are more seasoned runners, but considering I could barely run 1 a few months ago, I'm pretty pleased with myself! You could make a cardio bunny of me yet. ;)

Hope you're all okay anyway, it may be cold but at least it's still sunny! Fingers crossed it's a sign of better things to come eh? Hope you all have an amazing week - see you all soon! :)

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  1. Well done on your run! The sun definitely makes working out nicer (going to the gym in the snow = urgh).

    Good luck with your 50 mile challenge :)


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