Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Giveaway: Zaggora Hot Pants

Zaggora Hot Pants 2.0 Medium*

This post has been in the pipe works for about a month now, but I didn't want to review these until I had given them a super thorough trial run! The lovely people from Zaggora kindly sent these to me to test-drive and since my first gym session in them - I am definitely a convert.
Zaggora Hotwear products use Celu-Lite technology which traps the heat you generate during exercise and therefore increases your heart rate, meaning your body burns more calories. I had been a bit dubious about them when I first tried them on - they feel almost like the sort of material that scuba diving suits are made from as they're a lot thicker than normal leggings. The boost they've given to my workouts more than makes up for it though!
Since using the Hot Pants, I've managed to lose a further 2lbs as well as lose a total of 3 inches between my waist and hips which may not seem like a lot, but considering I've been stuck in a bit of a plateau these past few weeks - I'm pretty impressed!
What with this horrible weather we've been having as well, the Hot Pants have helped keep me nice and toasty when I'm going out for my runs in the cold which is amazing as I'm a big sufferer of the cold which can make running in winter impossible for me.

These shorts have definitely been a turning point for me, and I would now like to give you lovely bunch the opportunity to try some out for yourself! Zaggora have offered one pair of their Hot Pants 2.0's for me to give away to one lucky person - all you have to do is enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. Simple right?!
They ship internationally as well so it doesn't matter where you're from! The giveaway's only open until   Sunday 31st March 2013 so get entering! :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I couldn't live without a decent pair of trainers! x

  2. Thanks for this lovely giveaway! :) I would love to try these!
    I couldn't live without a good pair of trainers for the gym, so much better! emmerliejay x

  3. I couldn't like without my gym/running trainers! They work great :) x

  4. I can't live without my running shoes! They're bright and funky and they make me wanna work out :)

  5. It depends what I'm doing as to what I couldn't go without... a good pair of trainers is a must but also an amazing sports bra!! I totally want a draw full of all different coloured ones :)
    Natalie xoxo
    The Blonde Ethos

  6. I couldn't live without my new running trainers. I bought a pair of Addidas ones with bright pink laces and soles, and love that they match my jacket. I may look tired while running, but atleast I look cute :D xx

  7. I cannot live without my running hat, it keeps the sun and my hair out of the way while im running!

  8. I couldn't live without a decent sports bra - definite essential for me! xx

  9. I'm currently trying to lose weight as well! So I couldn't live without my Nike sports bra <3

  10. Such a great giveaway! I couldn't live without my trainers, many years ago I used to go to the gym in converse when I didn't really know how to workout- so silly!

  11. I couldn't live without my under armour shoes!!

  12. Well fitting shoes & a sports bra are a must :)


  13. My super comfy sports bras and my running socks!


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