Friday, 1 February 2013

Welcome to #FebFocus!

It's been weeks in the making, but #FebruaryFocus is finally here. There's been a fair amount of interest in my new feature, and those who have signed-up so far have all made really realistic goals which everyone will hopefully be well on their way to achieving by the end of the month! As part of this challenge is creating that community feeling, I'd love it if people would be willing to share their progress and experiences half way through #FebFocus or at the end? I want as much positive comments and cheering people on as possible! 

Lots of you have weight loss as your main goal, with people aiming to lose 1-3lbs per week so I'll make sure there's lots of recipes and exercise tips to help you shift those pounds. Lots of you are trying to go running a lot more as well so I'd love to hear people's progress and what you're doing to improve as it's something I need to do more of as well! :)
I absolutely love that you have also added in non-health and fitness goals as well such as speaking to more new people, cooking for family, and not using heat on your hair!
Speaking of my goals, it's only fair I tell you all my goals seeing as you lot have all told me yours ;)


  • To lower my body fat percentage.
    I'm well on my way with my fitness progress and I'm feeling stronger all the time! Now that I've got that aspect of my life under control, I really want to start cutting down on my 'flabby bits' a bit more and get leaner. I'm currently at around 24-25% BF, and I'm hoping to eventually get it down to about 12-15% for when I go holiday in May so fingers crossed!
  • To be able to squat my own bodyweight.
    Leg/Lower day at the gym is definitely my favourite day in my workout routine, and I love nothing more than doing my squats, lunges, and deadlifts - especially with how important leg strength is in cheer. I'm currently barbell squatting around 40kg at the minute which is nothing compared to a lot of people, but I'm aiming to push it that tiny tiny bit further and get it to 55-60kg so I can finally say I can squat a person! May seem a little weird but if it keeps me going to the gym, I'll settle for it.
    Kinda goes hand-in-hand with the first one to be honest! I am a MAJOR skiver when it comes to cardio - I absolutely hate it and would much rather do a four hour weights workout than go for a 20 minute run. But (as much as I want it to be) it's neither sustainable or helpful in getting my body fat lower or improve my fitness further so I'm going to have to just stuck it up and hopefully learn to enjoy it!
I have lots of posts lined up for you, including my first giveaway EVER on The Barbelle, and lots of guest posts from some lovely people!

If you haven't signed up yet, it's not too late! Spread the word with all of your friends, and don't forget to take part in the first #FebFocus Twitter chat on Monday 4th Feb at 8pm! It'll just be a general chat to talk about what everyone's health and fitness goals are to start with so everyone can meet, and then we'll see where it goes from there!:)


  1. I'll be writting my first post on FebFocus on Monday. I hope I can make the chat but I work Monday nights :( hopefully I'll be able to join in a little on my phone though :)

    1. Oh wow, can't wait to read it! :) That's fine, I'll be doing a 'what was said' style post tomorrow anyway so you won't miss out on anything! :)

      Rhiannon xxx

    2. Here's my first post if you fancy a read.



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