Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Mission to Money: Week Two

Yes I'm well aware that this was meant to be a Sunday post, and not a Tuesday evening post - sorry guys! I do have a legitimate excuse for my lack of posting since LAST MONDAY (literally didn't even realise it had been this long - time really does fly!) as I have been spending the entire week being neck deep in finishing off a million pieces of coursework AND making the final preparations ready for my cheerleading squad's first competition of the season which was on Sunday.
We trained for over 9 hours over the course of 3 sessions last week to make sure we were as ready as we possibly could be for Future Cheer University Nationals and it was worth every minute of it for the feeling you get when you perform!
My amazing little cheer squad at Future Cheer on Sunday! I'm one of the bases holding up the girl in the middle :)
I actually can't think of anything to put on my wishlist for this week either which I guess is good news - although I haven't really had the opportunity to see anything that I liked with being stuck in either the library doing coursework or in a sports hall training all week haha. I did however make a few cheeky purchases that I perhaps shouldn't have!

Coffee with a friend - £2.45
Snack - 60p
Lunch - £4.00



Bus fare - £1.80

Snacks - £1.79


Lunch - £5.00
Cheer Clothes from Future Cheer - £38.50
Drink - £1.20

Total: £55.34

I'm pretty dissappointed in myself if I'm honest - not because I've spent over £50 - but more because I didn't learn last week's mistake of not buying lunch out! I'd planned all along that I would buy a couple of things from the Future Cheer shop when I went to competition on Sunday so the £38.50 doesn't really bother me all that much. It's more that once again I have spent  SO MUCH MONEY on food and drink when I can save money by taking lunch with me! I really do have to make some changes because it's getting ridiculous.

Is anyone else struggling to keep their finances in check? Let me know your experiences! :)

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