Tuesday, 5 February 2013

#FebFocus Twitter Chat Summary

Firstly I want to say a great big thank you to everyone who took part in the Twitter chat last night - it was so lovely so be able to speak to you all and we had a lovely natter about what our goals were and little tips on how everyone is planning to achieve them! It was lovely to see how supportive and friendly everyone was, and I think everyone ended up having at least one cup of green tea by their side by the end of the chat!

On Goals:

The biggest thing that I picked up from yesterday's chat was how realistic everyone had made their goals. It was so nice to see that people hadn't set the bar too high, so we should see some very happy faces by the end of February fingers crossed! :) The most common goal was to lose 1-2lbs per week, and people have lots of different ways in which they're going about it which is really encouraging to see.
Many have also decided to try and drink more green tea, and there were lots of tips flying around on how they drink theirs, and discussions about people's favourite brands - it would seem that fruit-flavoured green tea is the way to go!

On Tips:

I think everyone's struggling to get out of bed at the minute with this lovely weather we're currently having - snow anyone?! If you can't bare to leave the warmth of your bed, you could always leave your alarm ob the other side of the room like Kirsty suggested - or you could try and get yourself into a habit of waking up at the same time every day!
We all came to the agreement that for tracking progress, taking measurements is just as important for monitoring weight loss as well as the scales - especially if you're building muscle!

Next week we're going to be looking at people favourite healthy snacks and meals - and how to keep away from filling your face with those calorie-filled foods! Have a think and let us know everything food related, from what your worst foonemy (food-enemy!) that you find it hard to say no to is, to your favourite healthy meal.
Can't wait to hear from you! Our next Twitter Chat starts at 8pm next Monday!  (11th. Feb 2013!) :)

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