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#FebFocus Guest Post: Knowing What & Why You Want Something!

Hi everyone! I can't believe we're over half way through #FebFocus already, it's gone so quickly!

The #FebFocus Guest Post this week is from Personal Trainer Mark Raynsford! Mark has 12 years of experience in helping people achieve their goals and has been in national magazines and on the radio - so I'm super grateful that he managed to find the time to write this Guest Post for me. He's made some excellent points in this post so hopefully some of them will be useful for you! :)

Most people decide they want to achieve something - often losing weight/fat, but the “desire” often isn't enough or isn't important enough to achieve anything long term. By this I mean, plenty of people will say “I want to lose weight, or I want to lose a stone” but the reality is they just want to look better, and feel the need to attach a number or tag to this feeling.
The problem will come after a few days, when previously tried and tested regimes fail again, new “diets” aren’t conducive to your usual routines and you fall off the wagon, and yet again another diet attempt falls by the way side. Below is my 5 point steps for achieving!

1) Find out your “Why?!” Most people start with their “what” - such as the above. However, if you can visualize yourself in the “finished article” and write down everything you imagine you feel and look, and the underlying reasons “Why” you actually want to achieve this, you’ll have something that is REAL motivation, rather than just “I want to be skinnier”.
Our minds are great at fantasizing and imagining situations, so use it to your benefit and pen down everything you imagine you feel and look like when you achieve your target/ desired outcome. Having a vision-board of pictures/cuttings/photos that inspire or motivate you - either yourself or others is a great “fantasy” driver!
2) Know how you are going to achieve it. The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, but expecting a different outcome. If it didn’t work before it won’t again! Find exercise you enjoy doing, or a programme that has proven results and stick with it! Start the journey with a friend or relative - it’s a lot easier to achieve something when you have support. I have plenty of nutrition, exercise and motivation tips on my blog at
3) Create new habits - it’s your current habits and routines that have stopped you getting where you want to be. List down everything you KNOW that is moving you further from your goal, rather than nearer. ie I normally drink alcohol in the week. I’ll eat chocolate in the week. I often have bread everyday (bread/wheat gluten is one thing most people don’t function/tolerate well - remove this for 14 days and watch that stomach flatten!) then aim to make changes to these habits/routines.
4) Eat cereal for breakfast? Ditch it! It has zero nutritional benefit, increases the levels of sugar in your blood which causes the release of insulin, a nice fat storing hormone. Replace it with natural foods like scrambled/poached eggs on rye toast, or greek yoghurt with some nuts and berries - energy levels will increase.
5) Aim to drink 2 litres or more of fresh water. When dehydrated you’ll feel sluggish will affect food choices and energy levels for most things. Hydration is also key to remove toxins from the body. Results can ALWAYS be found, it’s just about initially tuning in with the right mindset and thought process, rather than committing just 50% of your effort. Make small changes, and let them form as new habits and routines!


Hope you were able to take something from this post - what did you think about what he said? Do you have any tips of your own? Let me know! 
If you want to hear more from Mark then here are his links!! :)
PT Site -
Blog -
Facebook - www.Facebook.


  1. These are some really good points - thanks for sharing! I'm pleased to say I'm pretty much following all of them and that's thanks to reassessing my goals recently. I sat down, wrote down what I wanted to achieve, how I would do it, by when etc. It has definitely helped me focus on my goals and it's been much easier to follow this new routine! And as they say - 'stop wishing, start doing'!

    1. That's great to hear! No-one ever thinks to reassess their goals, even when they don't seem to be working. Glad to hear that they're working for you!! :)

      Rhiannon xx


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