Wednesday, 6 February 2013

#FebFocus: Charbrew Tea Mini Review & Giveaway!

So it is finally time for the first #FebFocus giveaway! With tea-drinking being one of my favourite past times, and my collection of different brews filling up my kitchen work-top faster than anything, I thought it would be the perfect first prize to give away to you lovely people!
Charbrew is a speciality tea company who's aim is to bring you young lot into the tea market - although I think most of us probably already are! ;) Being the lovely people they are, Charbrew have sent me their fantastic Fruit Frenzy Package for me to give away for you, as well as sending me a bunch for me to give a go myself (review will follow soon!).

Just so you know whether they're going to be your cup of tea (pun maost definitely intended!) - here's what I though of the fantastic choice of flavours that you have the opportunity to win!

Charbrew Orginal: This smells like Apple Crumble which is awesome in itself! When I read original on the box, I genuinely thought that it would mean that it was going to be your standard cup of tea but that is definitely not the case. :) Charbrew Original is their signature flavour, and is packed with apple, pineapple, papaya and spices to create the most lovely winter-warmer style tea you will ever drink. I've really enjoyed getting out of the cold when I get home in the evening and curling up on the sofa with this - heaven!
Strawberry & Cream: This one seriously reminds me of Campinos (remember those sweets?!) in every way! It smells absolutely divine and tastes even nicer. I was really worried that it would end up being super sickly and I wouldn't like it - but Charbrew have got their blend spot on with it having a beautiful sweet taste, without it being overpowering. Because of its taste, this blend always feels like a treat when I have it, but without having any of the guilt - what more could you ask for?!
Tropical Rooibos: This is another one which I was worried about being too sickly but I really needn't have. It has cool little blue bits in the pyramid teabag which is definitely something different from your usual cuppa - I think it's cardamon?! Either way, the fact that it's caffeine-free and has a gorgeous floraly/fruity scent has made it perfect to have before I go to bed - and the Rooibos leaf that it is made from is also used to help cure headaches, fatigue, high blood pressure and asthma among a list of ailments!
Black Tea with Sunflower Blossom: This one is different from the others in that you can actually add milk to this one! That said, I haven't actually tried it with milk yet as it is pretty yummy without! Also containing little health benefits within it's little pyramid bag, it has a higher caffeine content than the others making it a perfect choice to help get you started in the morning. If you want to go down the sans milk route, try adding a lemon for a hint of zesty freshness to it, and to help quench your thirst a little better!

Good luck! The competition ends next Wednesday at midnight, but if you really can't wait, then use code 'RhaiOwen13' for an outstanding 30% off your Charbrew Order!!

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  1. I've been drinking green tea!

  2. My health and fitness goal is just to get a healthy lifestyle. I've been quite unfit over the last few years and I don't want to be. My new motivation motto is: "I'm too young to feel this old" :)


  3. To get my 5 a day and do 30 mins of exercise each day

  4. Seeing as one of my goals is to learn to like healthy teas this would be perfect for me!! Xoxoxo

  5. I love tea! You know my fitness goals :) On the blog every week haha! I am addicted to tea tho ;)


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