Thursday, 10 January 2013

Turns Out I'm a Bit of a Tea Pig.

It's definitely taken a million times longer than I originally planned to get round to writing this post what with Christmas, coursework, and exams taking over my entire life! I was lucky enough to be sent a HUGE amount of samples from the lovely people over at teapigs, and over Christmas and New Year I've gradually been testing them all out in between family visits, coursework, and working at Clarks pretty much every day.

I was sent a variety of flavours from their everyday brew all the way up to their more fancy brews so I've decided that instead of telling you about all of them, I'd give you the low-down on my top three.

1. Rooibos Creme Caramel

By far my favourite out of the lot, teapigs' Rooibos Creme Caramel is delicious on its own with a lovely hint of vanilla-y sweetness to it - and it's not to sickly either. When I was nose deep in journals and books for my Digital Marketing exam revision, this was the best thing ever to keep me going and it's super healthy because you don't need to add any milk to it - I can see why they call it their 'skinny desert' tea!
I have to admit I was a little dubious about trying it when I saw that it was caramel tea, but any reservations I has about it were completely blown out of the water after taking a sip. I've never seen/ heard of a tea like this before and out of all of them, this is the one I'm going to be buying as soon as pay day comes back around!

Fancy flavours aside, you can never go wrong with a good ol' traditional cuppa. I think it's fair to say that I've been in search of the best brew for a very long time and compared to teapigs' Everyday Brew, even my current favourite has been knocked off the top spot! It can be really hard to find a bagged tea that actually tastes of... well... tea.. - but their Everyday Brew can most definitely be called a proper cup'o char with a gorgeously refreshing taste to it. So nice after a hard days work at the shop!

I have a similar problem with fruit teas that I do with normal tea, in that no matter how long you leave them to brew, they still never really taste all that fruity. teapigs' super fruit blend has a gorgeous amount of berry-ness oozing from its little pyramid-shaped bag, and has a great flavour even if you only leave it to brew a couple of minutes. Whilst I love sinking back into the sofa and enjoying it warm, I can see this being absolutely perfect as ice tea on a hot summers day, and can just imagine myself lazing around in the garden reading a book and sipping on this! Super Fruits definitely equals super yummy in my books!

If you're not sure which tea to give a go from their fantastic range of over 20 blends, then teapigs even have a mix 'n' match box where you can pick 12 of their teas in as many or as few blends as you fancy,  which is perfect if you're not sure what you want your new favourite to be! I personally can't wait to try some of their more unusual blends such as their chocolate flake tea, chilli chai tea, or their popcorn tea!
They also have sets you can buy such as their Detox Cheeky variety pack which has lots of different flavours that will help you on your way with your New Year's Resolutions without compromising on taste!

Kind of starting to feel as though I'm ranting a little now so I'll leave it there, but I honestly can't recommend them enough. I also have a lovely little discount for for you lot where you can save 15% on your teapigs purchases by entering BLOGS13 at the checkout! What are you waiting for?!


  1. I love teapigs! I've tried the caramel one too and I love it, but their chai tea is definitely my favourite :)
    emmerliejay x

    1. I can't say that I've tried their chai tea - when I've tried other brands in the past I haven't been too keen :( I might have to give theirs a go though considering how much I've enjoyed the rest of their range! :)

  2. Hi, just found your blog through Sophie Broomfield on LinkedIn, I was one of the first coventry cougars in the 2009-2010 squad! Small world!
    x x

    1. Oh wow! It really is a small world haha! Don't be a stranger! :)


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