Thursday, 31 January 2013

Diary Entry: Bedroom Inspiration!

This week has been absolutely amazing for me so far! I have finally managed to secure a year-long internship, booked a holiday, got amazing marks in both pieces of coursework, and had some lovely times with my friends! I won't tell you exactly which company that I'm going to be working for just yet as I want to wait until I've signed the contract before telling the world - but if you really want a hint, then this company is 6th most powerful brand according to Forbes! Guess from that! ;)

Seeing as I am going to have to move house because of where the job is located, it's only natural that I've spent the day looking around for some bedroom inspiration! Any excuse to buy new stuff eh? ;)

I'm really loving floral, pastel-coloured rooms at the minute, with lots of whites and pretty little trinkets and stuff dotted about. I know I won't have any control over the colour of the room, but hopefully it's at least a plain magnolia-type colour so I can do something with it. I guess with any rented property (or at least from what I've found from living in student houses) the best way to add a personal touch is going to be in the bits you can bring with you - I'm thinking candles, a pretty beside lamp, and some cute storage boxes! My main aim is that my bedroom is lovely and relaxing, so I can come back from work after a long day and just chill out with a book and a cup of tea.

1. Natural Embroidered Floral Cushion ~ Debenhams ~ £16
2. Cream Cutout Porcelain Tea Light Holder ~ Debenhams ~ £13
3. Small Rounded Peacock Patterned Perfume Bottle ~ Debenhams ~ £15
4. White Sculpted Stand Table Lamp ~ Debenhams ~ £65
5. Wooden Set of 5 Standing Frames ~ Debenhams ~ £26
6. Paris Print Trays (set of two) ~ Next ~ £12

As I was typing this up I've noticed that pretty much everything is from Debenhams! I've been having a mooch around for a few days for little bits and pieces, but nothing I've found has really gone with the image I have in my head - just going to have to keep looking I guess haha. I've tried to keep the colours quite neutral so it would create quite a peaceful, calming atmosphere as I can sometimes find it hard to sleep if there's too may bright colours around.
I absolutely adore everything that I've managed to find so far - especially the lamp. The little Paris Print trays would look so cute to store little bits and pieces like earrings, loose change or something in, and whilst I doubt I would be putting any perfume actually IN the perfume bottle, it does look gorgeous!

I can imagine that I'll probably be doing more of these style posts at some point - they make such a change from the usual posts from me, and it's always nice to be able to talk about other things that interest me, or things that I've been doing lately. :)

Hope you're all having a good week my lovelies - it's almost the weekend!
Don't forget to sign up for #FebruaryFocus - it starts tomorrow! :)


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Yuri! Hopefully I manage to get a few of them when I'm on the hunt for house stuff! :)

      Rhiannon xx

  2. Replies
    1. It's gorgeous isn't it?! I know I'd never use it but it looks so pretty! :3

      Rhiannon xx


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