Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Healthy Eating: Where to Start

I think the thing that a lot of people struggle with when trying to lose weight is what to eat. I'm a strong believer that diets just don't work in the long term as they're often completely unsustainable (I'm looking at you Atkins!) and that eating simple, healthy food is a million times better. I found this infographic on one of the fitness Tumblrs and it pretty much sums up where anyone looking to improve their diet should start!
Clean eating has been at the root of all of my success in fitness so far. Even if I haven't been able to exercise much that week, I have still been able to lose weight (or at least not put any on) just by making sure any rubbish doesn't find its way into my diet! Making little changes such as not drinking fizzy drinks, and switching to wholemeal pasta can make all the difference to getting on the Healthy Eating Express to Slimsville.

You can follow this infographic week-by-week if you want (I find putting things like this as my laptop background work really well as reminders!), you could incorporate a couple of stages in one go, or you could go all out and take them all on from the vey beginning! The most important thing is that you wean your way into it in a way that won't be too much too soon.

And remember, if you slip up with one meal, don't let the whole day go to pot! Just make a note of what you ate and why, and start a-fresh with your next meal. :)

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