Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Healthy Eating: Where to Start

I think the thing that a lot of people struggle with when trying to lose weight is what to eat. I'm a strong believer that diets just don't work in the long term as they're often completely unsustainable (I'm looking at you Atkins!) and that eating simple, healthy food is a million times better. I found this infographic on one of the fitness Tumblrs and it pretty much sums up where anyone looking to improve their diet should start!
Clean eating has been at the root of all of my success in fitness so far. Even if I haven't been able to exercise much that week, I have still been able to lose weight (or at least not put any on) just by making sure any rubbish doesn't find its way into my diet! Making little changes such as not drinking fizzy drinks, and switching to wholemeal pasta can make all the difference to getting on the Healthy Eating Express to Slimsville.

You can follow this infographic week-by-week if you want (I find putting things like this as my laptop background work really well as reminders!), you could incorporate a couple of stages in one go, or you could go all out and take them all on from the vey beginning! The most important thing is that you wean your way into it in a way that won't be too much too soon.

And remember, if you slip up with one meal, don't let the whole day go to pot! Just make a note of what you ate and why, and start a-fresh with your next meal. :)

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Mind Over Matter.

With the masses of coursework I've had to be doing since the start of uni (talk about throwing us back in at the deep end!), the gym and fitness in general has definitely taken a bit of a back seat. I haven't been able to go as much as I'd have liked recently and my motivation has definitely been lacking.
Luckily we've been having extra training sessions at cheer lately including one dedicated purely to fitness and flexibility so I've still been exercising at least three times a week, but it's definitely not what I'm used to!
Thankfully, I've found a solution to my motivation problem - new gym clothes! Whilst I haven't splurged on masses of shorts and vest tops, the bright orange Nike crop top which arrived today has been the boost I needed to get me back to the gym. I'm also hoping to enter a 10k race on the 18th November which I haven't really started training for yet so it arrived just in time!
Do you have anything that helps get you motivated to do things when you least want to? I'd be intrigued to see what other people do to get that motivational boost! :)

I've decided to open up my sidebar poll again on  to find out what you guys want to see more of on my blog - especially seeing as I've been a little bit absent of late! So please vote so I can tailor what I write to what people actually want to hear, it'll be so much help to me. :)
Hope you're all okay anyways, it's nice to be able to have the time to post again, you have no idea how much I've missed it! Got another one lined up for the next day or so, so keep a look out! :)

Friday, 12 October 2012

Models Own Haul!

You'd have thought that around 2 months a go I didn't own a single Models Own nail polish whatsoever. Now, after my latest splurge I own 12! If it wasn't for my spending ban, I'm pretty sure I'd own every nail varnish in their collection by now. I'd already agreed to myself pre-spending ban that if Models Own did have their 100,000 likes sale, I would allow myself to indulge in a few and so when they reached it I was on their website quicker than a really quick thing! #descriptionfail.

(from left to right: Pearly Queen, Beth's Blue, Pink Punch, Pink Fizz & Jade Stone)
There was a £25 minimum spend to get the half price discount, so I picked a few shades which I'd been after for a while and topped them up with some others that caught my eye. Jade Stone and Beth's Blue have been on my wish list for ages as I absolutely adore the Ice Cream Sundae range! I love pastel shades at the minute, and now have the full collection so I can have pretty pastel nails until my heart's content. Yayyy <3
Pink Punch was another one I'd always picked up in Boots but never actually bought! As soon as my mini-haul arrived this was the first one that I slapped on my nails and it is definitely my favourite one out of the five.  It's such a vibrant neon pink that it instantly brightens up my day whenever I look down at my hands!
(from left to right: Jade Stone, Pearly Queen, Pink Fizz, Beth's Blue & Pink Punch)
Pink Fizz and Pearly Queen looked like gorgeous shades when I saw them online and after seeing them in real life I love them even more! I've had a bit of a thing for glitter nail polishes ever since I bought Disco Mix from their Hed Kandi range, and seeing as I'd already bought Juicy Joules, this was the perfect addition to my collection of sparkly lacquers.
After talking about all of the others it seems like Pearly Queen is a bit of an odd ball but I could resist picking it because of it's iridescent nudeness! It'll look so pretty under the likes of Juicy Joules to make it look all snow-like and Christmasy. :)

Did you indulge in the Models Own sale? What are your favourite polishes? Let me know! :)
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