Saturday, 4 August 2012

Workout of the Week: Beginners Kettlebell Workout

I had intended to post a workout from a different website this time round, but when Cassey uploaded this to Blogilates I knew it was going to be my workout of the week! I've always wanted to try a Kettlebell workout, as I've heard how good they are for full body workouts. However I've also heard that they can be quite high-risk with regards to injuries if they're not used correctly, so I haven't wanted to try them without being taught how first.

This workout is super simple and I did it with a light-ish kettlebell to make sure I could do it with the correct form first. It's a really good all-rounder and worked muscles in all areas so is great if you fancy something simple but don't have too much time available to you! It's definitely given me more of a taste for Kettlebell workouts, and will be a good starter workout for me until I can get booked onto a proper workshop at the gym.

Have any of you tried kettle bell classes? I'd love to hear of your experiences if you have! :)

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