Monday, 6 August 2012

Open Gym with MKCA!

 Early yesterday morning, me and my awesomely bright pink gym bag made a journey over to Milton Keynes for MKCA's Open Gym session! I met some of my fellow cheerleaders at Coventry Train Station (check out the Olympic decor on it!) and then joined the rest of the Cougars at the other end.
I was super excited as I haven't done any cheer practice since our last competition back in April and I've missed it so much! When we arrived at the gymnastics centre, there were already so many cheerleaders there from all over the place and I've met so many new people and learnt so much! As well as practicing what I already knew, I also improved my round-offs and even tried flying. I had planned on uploading a video of my first attempt at being the one in the air as opposed to be the one chucking people around - but I thought I'd save myself the embarrassment/you having to change your underwear from laughing so hard! ;)

Unfortunately I now have a serious case of body-envy from some of the cheerleaders that were there, and will be hitting the gym first thing tomorrow morning to try and get myself closer to the rock-hard abs most of them were showing off haha. Bread seems to be my downfall diet-wise at the minute, so I might have to get the mother to hide the Hovis from me for a while. ;)

The rest of yesterday and the whole of today was spent relaxing with the boyf. By some miracle he was given today off from the Olympics, which meant lots of lounging around his house watching the Olympics from the comfort of the sofa, and only leaving the house to get some food. It was lovely after my hectic 7-hour training session the day before, and I always miss him when he's away so it was nice to just spend some quality down-time together for once!

 All good this must come to and end though I guess, and boy was the train ride home chaos! Luckily I had a couple of magazines, a granola bar, and some Vitamin Water to help me survive the two and a half hour journey back to Coventry. It was only meant to be an hour on the train and then a 10 minute bus ride, but after the train being 10 minutes late, I then had to wait for half an hour one stop later for the next train after mine broke down! NIGHTMARE.
I did however get an unexpected Yu! freebie in my magazines which cheered me up a little. They're like little jelly strawberries but made entirely from natural ingredients and they tasted yummy! Hopefully I can find them in the supermarket! :)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! I'm off to have a bath to help sooth my poor achy body! :)

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