Sunday, 12 August 2012

Olympic Photo Diary!

After a week that seems as though it's gone on for an eternity, it's finally Sunday night. I've had my ritual relaxing bath, and I'm now sat in front of the telebox watching the Closing Ceremony and painting my nails (Models Own Lemon Meringue on the fingers and Fuzzy Peach on the toes since you asked). ;)

Can't believe the Olympics are actually over! I've absolutely loved watching them, and have been lucky enough to work some of the football matches as well which has been an amazing experience it itself! I had planned to do a Day View-style post for a typical day of what it's like working at an Olympic venue, but I never got round to it as I was always so knackered after a shift all I wanted to do was sleep haha. And then - when I wasn't working at the football stadium - I was working at Clarks! No rest for the wicked eh? ;)

Anyway, back to the post! Seeing as I couldn't do what I originally planned, I thought the least I could do would be to share some photos which I took during the games! :)
First view of the stadium on my walk up to work | Some of the country flags | Canada's winning goal in the ladies Bronze Medal match! | The families of some of the New Zealand ladies team.... | ...and them again when New Zealand won! |  The funniest Brazilian man ever | Some of the Coventry Olympic Ambassadors | Me and mumma-bear - she was a Coventry Ambassador! | Me in my work attire
In case you didn't know, I was part of the Safety Team at the City of Coventry Stadium meaning that I was the person on the other side of the turnstile as soon as you walked in! Everyone that I met was super friendly and even though they had to go through all the security measures to even get into the stadium, they were so happy and bubbly which was lovely. There was literally people from every corner of the earth - from Venezuela to America, Japan to New Zealand, and it was awesome to see the World come together for something so positive and happy!

I'm starting to become aware that I'm rambling slightly now - partially because I'm exhausted, and also because I get a little over-excited when I talk about the Olympics aha :) Hope you've all had a great week! I promise I'll be more on form with my blogging this week - I didn't do my Indulgence Options post last week so that'll be first on my list. Let me know your guilty pleasures foodwise! :)

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