Saturday, 11 August 2012

Awesome Nail Polish Storage

After being relegated from my old, more spacious bedroom into the considerably smaller box room which belonged to my sister ahead of me moving out next month, I was in desperate need of some new storage. In particular, I needed somewhere to keep my ever-expanding collection of nail varnishes.
I really wanted them to be on display so that it makes it easier to pick different colours, as I have a tendency to always end up going for the same ones over and over, and I'd seen on other blogs of people having little display stands for them, so promptly set about trying to find my own one to house my growing nail polish family. After a little hunting I found this one for a mind-blowingly good price of just £8.50! Add onto that £2.36 postage and packing and you have some gorgeously simple storage for just over a tenner - perfect.

Needless to say I snapped it up within seconds - and to make things even better, despite me only ordering it yesterday, it now stands pride of place on top of my make-up storage today! If only some of these larger companies could take a leaf out of this guys book and have delivery this quick *cough* H&M *cough*.
If you fancy a bit of extra storage for showing off your nail polishes, I 100% recommend buying from this seller. Such fast delivery and great value - plus they're a small family business so it would be great if we could support them! The stand holds 30 nail varnishes, but they do stock larger ones if your collection is a little larger than mine. ;)
I'm going to have to buy another one some point soon as I've already filled this one up (totally didn't realise how many polishes I had!), and I will certainly be purchasing it from this seller! :)

How do you store your makeup and nail varnishes? I'd love to hear from you!

P.S. This isn't a sponsored post or anything, I'm just super super impressed by how quick the delivery was, and of how good the quality of the stand is that I just had to come on here to rave about it!


  1. My nail varnishes are layed out neatly on the bottom shelf of my desk. I got really annoyed a couple of weeks ago when my boyfriend decided to push them all around so he could fit his iPad there! As for makeup, skincare etc they're all dumped in a giant Soap and Glory bag.

    I love the two Rimmel colours at the front! xx

    1. I hate it when people mess up my things haha. Most of my makeup's dumped in a giant Soap and Glory bag too! Maybe we have the same one ;)
      Thanks, they're so pretty but I never seem to wear them! Must make more of an effort to aha :)

      Rhiannon xx

  2. I found your blog by searching for nail polish storage. This idea is amazing, and so cheap too! Thanks for sharing! I will be following ;)

    1. Aww thank you! Glad I could be of some help, and thanks for following! :)



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