Friday, 13 July 2012

Purple Rain

 Excuse the slightly serious-looking face! No matter what way I faced, the light seemed to be glaring in my eyes - and that's without there actually being any sun! I managed to dart outside in between downpours to snap these photos, and despite them being on my phone this time round I think they look an okay quality. I really hope we get this 'hot summer' they said we were meant to have soon, although as it's almost half way through July I doubt it. :(
Didn't do anything particularly special today, just a little gym workout and some tidying. Sometimes it's nice to know that you don't have to rush around or do anything in particular, as normally I'm a pretty busy person!
One thing I did get to do though was take these beauties out on their first gym session! I've been eyeing the purple Nike Free Runs up for absolutely ages, and last weekend my lovely boyfriend bought me them for our 5th anniversary along with the American Apparel Disco Pants (which I will no doubt blog about soon!)- what a guy! <3
We ended up having to order them as they weren't in stock when I went to get them, but they arrived yesterday so naturally I had to wear them at the earliest opportunity. :P

The first thing I noticed about them when I stepped out the house was that I could actually feel air getting to my foot - as in, it was like there was a mini air-con unit in my shoes! It makes such a change from my cheer trainers and my old running shoes where my feet used to get so hot and sweaty that I'd be embarrassed to take them off when it came to some of my stretching stuff.
I did go for a run on the treadmill to test them out at the gym, but I absolutely hate the feeling of not actually going anywhere and got bored before I could get a really good feel for them! Anyone else get that feeling of complete and utter boredom on those glorified conveyor belts? Give me outdoor running any day.

It's date night for me and the boyf tonight so it'll give me the chance to get a little dressed up and actually put some makeup on! As I go to the gym every week day I never really get to wear much makeup unless I have work afterwards, so if there's ever an opportunity to paint my pretty-face on, I'll jump at the chance!

I'll try and take some photos of my makeup and the outfit I go for tonight and report back tomorrow when I get back from work. Hope you all have a lovely weekend! What are your plans? :)


  1. Beautiful trainers!


    1. Thank you! :) You have no idea how excited I was to finally get them aha :)

      Rhiannon xxx


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