Tuesday, 17 July 2012

"PureXFit? More Like PureDying!" + A New Blog Series

Today was my first attempt at a XFit class at my gym, PureGym! It's essentially circuit training, but with little or no rest until you've completed the whole circuit where you get a 30 second break before having to start it all over again!! It was a half hour session and thank God because I don't think I'd be able to have managed any more than that without collapsing (which I felt like doing after the second time round!).

Thought I'd share a few pictures of my afterwards for you to laugh at - mainly because for some reason my face is the ONLY part of my that changes after a workout. And by change, I mean go bright red whilst the rest of my body looks no different!
See??? Ridiculous-looking! 

Regardless of how much I felt like crying during the session, I am most definitely going to put myself through the torture again! It's an awesome high-intensity routine for if you need to burn some calories but don't have a lot of time, I totally recommend it!
I had never realised until today just how little high-intensity cardio I do nowadays - definitely going to be stepping it up a gear, which will be easier now I've changed my routine slightly! :)

For those of you who don't have access to a gym that runs a class like this, here is what is essentially involved, I've linked to videos of the exercises where possible:
You then rest for between 30 seconds and 1 minute and then do it all over again! The aim is to do as many as you can of them with as little rest as possible. Obviously if you need a drink have one or if you need to gather yourself briefly during an exercise then do it, but try and keep it to a minimum.
I didn't get the chance to record mine (I was too busy dying!), but recording how many you do each session would be a good way to see your fitness improve! :)

 Foodwise, this is what I ate today:
Literally inhaled two packs of the Turkey Chunks after I'd finished XFit. I was so hungry and I needed to get some protein in me ASAP to hopefully help stop the muscle aches from being too bad tomorrow! ;)
The soup was by posh food company 'Glorious' - I went for the Tuscan Chicken & Orzo Soup and it was amazing! It had heaps of chunky veg and pieces of chicken in, and filled me right up. Such a hearty meal, I really enjoyed it. The tub it comes in is enough for two servings as well so I'll be able to go back for more. ;)

Totally forgot to take a picture of dinner but it was a spicy chicken tortilla if anyone's interested haha. I'll need to eat something else as well before my fast starts again, but I'm not sure what yet so I'll have to rummage through the cupboards!

I promise there will be more posts other than fitness coming along from tomorrow! The beginning of the week is always the motivator for me - good to get the right mindset to set you up for the rest of the week right?? :)

On the topic of future posts, I am starting a new weekly blog series which I need your input for! I need to know all of the foods which you know you shouldn't eat, but are just too good to refuse! If you pop a comment down below with your guilty pleasure that'd be amazing! :)

Hope you're week's off to a good start! <3

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  1. Omg i'm exactly the same! My face is like a red tomato with a perfect line around my jaw where is turns back to white! Nothing can hide it. This sounds great though, I would like to introduce a higher intensity shot of exercise to my regime - not sure quite where I could fit it in though!!
    Now following you sweety
    N xoxo


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