Monday, 30 July 2012

Indulgence Options: Chocolate Cereal

After asking on Twitter and Facebook for more of your guilty pleasures, something that cropped up a lot was breakfast cereals of the chocolate variety! These types of cereal are packed full of sugar and bad carbohydrates, and often offer little to no nutritional benefits whatsoever - so you'll probably be hungry again an hour after eating it.
I decided to give myself the mission to help resolve your breakfast blues by find some healthier alternatives for you!

The Trouble-Maker
From browsing all of the branded chocolate-flavoured cereals, I discovered that - despite having fewer calories than some - Coco Pops were one of the worst chocolaty cereals to eat. 85% of this cereal is made of carbs, and almost half of those carbs are from sugar whilst the rest is just starch - not very good for keeping you full during the day, and puts you at higher risk of having a slump in energy as the day goes on.
So what can you eat to fill you up in the morning, but still give your sweet tooth it's chocolate fix? Well look no further!

The Healthy Alternative: Greek Yogurt with Dark Chocolate, Oats & Raspberries

As well as the cereal being high in carbs, another thing that a lot of people don't realise is that milk is pretty high in carbs too! Milk contains a lot of natural sugars in it, and the average 250ml serving of the white stuff (semi-skimmed) contains around 10g of carbs - and all of that is sugar!
For an alternative to milk, I've opted for Fat Free Greek Yogurt. It is high in protein meaning you'll feel fuller for longer, and has a really nice texture to it, meaning your getting that creamy taste to it without all of the calories. It's also got no fat in it (hence the fat free bit!) and is really low in carbs at only 6g per 100g - or it is in the one that I get anyways haha.
To give it a bit of flavour, I went for raspberries, oats, and even added in some dark chocolate to give you your choccy fix! Raspberries are a great source of dietry fibre and anti-oxidants, and are pretty low in calories as well as tasting awesomely summery. Instead of sugary carbs which are in most cereals, oats have complex carbs which release energy a lot more slowly, and will keep you going for longer. That's why porridge is so good for you! If you can, it would be better to leave out the choccy (for obvious reasons) but if you really need that chocolate taste, grate a little dark chocolate over the top. It's proven to be better for you than other types of chocolate and has a pretty rich flavour so you won't need to use as much.

Of course, with something like this you can make up your own flavours and mix and match with loads of different things like nuts, seeds, and fruit depending on how you're feeling. DELICIOUS and perfect for summer!

If You Really Can't Resist:

So so much more healthier than Coco Pops! 10% of it is protein so you'll feel greater satiety, there's literally half the amount of sugary carbs and hardly any saturated fat. What's not to love! And if you want to make it healthier, you could always add the fat-free greek yogurt to it instead of milk. ;)
I didn't realise just how many chocolaty cereals there are on the market. I only searched through three supermarkets and it took me over an hour!

Hope this has given some of you a bit of inspiration, and made your food shopping a little easier! Leave a comment with your guilty pleasures - it could be yours that I pick next week! :)

Disclaimer: Because of a limited time span I was only able to look at foods from the top three supermarkets in the UK (Asda, Tesco & Sainsbury's). I looked at nutritional values per 100g to make it fair, as I am aware that serving sizes can be different through various brands. The method used was to award points for the highest protein, lowest fat, lowest carbohydrate and sugar, and the lowest sodium content as well as calorie content.
This is a light-hearted look at the food industry where I give alternative food options, and should in no way be taken as being scientifically proven. 


  1. Oh I LOVE chocolate weetabix! If I eat that in the morning I don't feel hungry until lunchtime! It tastes great and fills me up.

  2. Hi, I'm your new follower, Positive Fountain, that's me following. Hope you can follow me back, thank you :-) Also nice post, weetabix chocolate looks tasty, will give it a go.


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