Monday, 16 July 2012

12 Week Transformation Progress & Other Nice Things

Hi to all my new followers out there!!!
I'm over the moon you've all been interested enough in my content so far to follow me, thanks for giving me a chance - I can't wait to hear from you all! :)
Today was my best day in a while with regards to eating clean - I changed up my gym routine a little and I think the difference gave me a new sense of enthusiasm! My favourite meal today? Cod with Parsley Sauce, broccoli and peas. Doesn't sound like the most exciting of meals, but I rarely have Cod (or fish of any sort to be honest) because I never know what to have it with besides new potatoes (which I despise!) However when I popped into my local shop on the way back from the gym I saw a Youngs Cod in Parsley Sauce boil-in-a-bag thing and decided to give it a go.
It was so simple! I think I'll definitely be getting some of these when I move out in September as they really are the easiest things ever to make, and makes a change from chicken and turkey! :P

This is my new - and not surprisingly - favourite sports bra at the minute! I nabbed it in TK Maxx last weekend when the boyf was looking for some wellies and naturally I took it on a test run as soon as I could. :P
I think it was the pink that attracted me to be honest, I'm a sucker for bright colours - especially when it comes to gym clothes! The £9.99 price tag helped a lot too as Nike sports tops can be notoriously expensive at times. I know no-one will see it so it doesn't really matter, but pretty coloured gym clothes make me feel so much more cheery when I'm working out. :P

Aside from food and new gym clothes, today also marks the beginning of the third week of a 12 Week Transformation Contest I've entered through The Student Room. I can't believe I'm already almost a quarter of the way through!
So far I've lost 5lbs and have lost 1.5 inches from my waist, half an inch from my hips, and an inch from my thighs among other lost inches here and there. I'm so happy at my progress - I'm only 5 lbs off my goal weight now which obviously I'm over the moon about and I'm still getting stronger as well so I know it's not from losing muscle mass which is awesome!
If you want to have a look at the people I'm competing against, and find out more about my goals etc, click here. :)

I have so many posts planned for this week, I'm so excited to be blogging again! I'm going to my first ever CrossFit class tomorrow which I'm super intrigued about as I've heard so much about them and they're supposedly massive in America haha. I've also got a review or two among other things so stay tuned! :)

I now also have a Facebook page for the blog - it'd mean the world to me if you 'liked' it! :) Other ways you can get in touch are on my sidebar on the right so come say hi if you get the chance!

Have a good week! :)


  1. Gosh I wish I had you persistence. I eat clean 98% of the time but tend to slip up at weekends and it just puts me back to wear I started!

    Keep going & keep up that positivity! x

    1. Don't worry I slip up at times too! It's good to have a treat every now and then, I guess it's just practicing to rein it in at times :P

      Thanks for the words of encouragement! :D

      Rhiannon xxx

  2. aw I need to start being good.. have been overindulging far too much lately because I don't have a holiday booked yet so I'm not fussed about prepping for bikini weather.. need to get finger pulled out though in case i find a cheap last minute deal!!


    1. Ahh last minute holidays are best me and the boyf always manage to find some good'uns! :) you could always try just making little changes like smaller portion sizes of the more indulgent foods, and doing the whole stairs instead of the lift sort things! :)
      Hope you do manage to get a holiday - this weather's horrible! :(

      Rhiannon xxx


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